Then let us pray that this storm does not slow us so much that there’s nothing left of Orynth to defend.

Yeran is a ruk rider.

Yeran was first introduced in Tower of Dawn when Yeran and his ruk riders found Borte, Nesryn Faliq and Sartaq investigating dome ruins.


Tower of Dawn

Yeran leads a group of ruk riders that intercept Nesryn Faliq, Sartaq, Falkan Ennar, and Borte. He challenges them, questioning why they are so far from the Eridun aerie. Borte bristles and spits at his feet.


Yeran is serious.

Physical Description

Yeran has brown eyes and black hair. He is young, strong and muscled.


Yeran attempted to cheat at a competition in order to defeat Borte, but she saw it coming and dodged it, winning. She won the rest of the competitions from then on, and during her third competition, they were seen arguing. Afterwards, Yeran's father announced her engagement to his son, which she remains unhappy about, as she detests him.





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