Witch mirrors are powerful objects created by skilled witches.


Witch Mirrors are mirrors with immense power that have various uses depending on the type of mirror in question. Some witch mirrors can be used to see the future, past, and present. If you have the sister-glass of a witch mirror, you can use them to communicate. There are rare silvers, whose forging demands something vital from the maker. Witch mirrors are not easily destroyed.

Witch Mirror. Art by shiv-monster on tumblr.

Powers and Abilities

Memory Mirrors: Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Manon Blackbeak stepped into a traveling mirror retrieved from the Stone Marshes in Eyllwe to learn how to put the Wyrdkeys back into the Wyrdgate.

Power Mirrors: These types of witch mirrors amplify and hold blasts of raw power, to be unleashed if the mirror is aimed at something. The Ironteeth Matrons built these witch mirrors lined into enormous towers to be used in the war. The towers are capable of being hauled across battlefields. The power of a magic wielder would be amplified and shot towards any target. Kaltain Rompier was supposed to use her shadowfire for this purpose but as she incinerated Morath and herself, young witchlings make the Yielding to provide the power.


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