Westfall Keep is the seat of House Westfall, located in the city of Anielle. It serves as a fortress for the ruling family.


The Keep is an imposing gray-stoned structure built into the barren offshoot slopes of the White Fang Mountains. It is enormous, rising from the flat plain of Anielle to almost the top of the mountain it rests against. The tallest towers of the Keep grant an unobstructed view of the Silver Lake, Oakwald Forest, and even a portion of the Fangs.

The Keep has countless levels—some of which flow into the city proper—battlements and gates all designed to outlast an enemy assault. The gray stones bear the scars of just how many battles it has witnessed and survived, none more so than the thick curtain wall that encompasses it. Intimidating, imposing, unforgiving, the Keep was not built for beauty or pleasure; no colorful banners adorn it and it gives off a smell of chill dampness.[1]


Built an unknown amount of time ago, the Keep has served Anielle and House Westfall faithfully in repelling attacks by foreign forces and tribes of wild men from the Fangs. During the third Valg war, the Keep served once again to house the citizens of Anielle when the city was invaded by 10,000 soldiers, and held fast against their attempts to breach the gates.


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