Vesta Blackbeak is an Ironteeth Witch of the Blackbeak Clan and a member of The Thirteen.


Vesta Blackbeak was the only member of The Thirteen who had bright, vibrant red hair. Her red hair, creamy skin, and black and gold eyes were enough to stop most men in their tracks- to keep them distracted while she used them for pleasure, and let them bleed out for amusement.


Vesta was flirtatious with men, as Manon was often chastising her and Asterin for playing with them along with them. She and Asterin seemed to be the more light-hearted and fun of the group and were often seen together.


Heir of Fire

Vesta debuts in Heir of Fire as Manon’s Fourth. She takes part in the war games.

Queen of Shadows

In Queen of Shadows, Vesta is seen flirting with the men around Morath until Manon demands that none of the Thirteen bleed or bed any of the men due to their unusual nature, smell, and taste. Vesta is briefly made Manon’s Third, above Asterin, as punishment to Asterin for being unruly and disobedient. She shows her closeness to the blonde-haired witch by almost leaving with her when Manon and Asterin argue. She is reinstated as Fourth after Asterin and Manon reconcile. It is revealed that Vesta and Sorrel helped save Asterin’s life after the Blackbeak Matron casts Asterin out of the Keep for having a stillborn witchling. It seems likely that only she and Sorrel are aware of Asterin’s witchling and have kept her secret for nearly one hundred years.

Empire of Storms

Vesta is part of the seige on Rifthold. She is present at Manon’s trial and Asterin’s subsequent execution. She and the other Thirteen honor Manon by using the gesture of the Witch Queens before Manon gives them a chance to escape.

She is with the Thirteen when they attack Maeve’s armada And is expected to travel with Manon and Dorian Havilliard to find the Crochan witches in Kingdom of Ash.