Vernon Lochan was the lord of Perranth, a title he stole after his brother Cal Lochan was killed and Vernon pledged his allegiance to the King of Adarlan.


When Terrasen's fall began, Cal charged his brother Vernon with his daughter, Elide's, care. Afterwards, the King of Adarlan branded Cal a traitor and had him executed, while Vernon himself pledged his allegiance to Adarlan and subsequently became the Lord of Perranth, usurping the title from his niece, whom he kept locked in a tower for the next ten years. He spent that time earning the trust of the King and later accompanied Duke Perrington to Morath to oversee the preparations there, taking Elide with him as a servant.

Queen of Shadows

Vernon first appears during a meeting with Manon Blackbeak and Perrington, where he irritates Manon with his arrogant comments. Later, Elide catches Vernon accosting Kaltain Rompier in a hallway and intervenes to his frustration, leaving with a parting insult. When his access to Elide is cut off by her induction into the Blackbeak Clan, Vernon grows angry and waits for the witches to leave before cornering his niece in Manon's rooms and throwing her in a cell, revealing that she will be used for breeding with the Valg because of her unique bloodline. Manon later breaks her out and Kaltain destroys a portion of Morath shortly afterwards. Vernon survives the explosion, though he believes Elide to be dead.

Empire of Storms

Vernon remains at Morath while Erawan sheds Perrington's body and continues under his own name. He becomes Erawan's servant, realizing that his arrogant nature is best tempered around his new master. He first appears when Manon meets with Perrington, now Erawan, and acts considerably subdued compared to his past behavior.

After discovering that Elide is alive, Vernon tracks her down with a small force of ilken and attempts to take her back to Morath. However, Lorcan Salvaterre intervenes and the two of them kill most of the ilken, while Vernon is rescued by the remaining one and transported back to Morath.

Kingdom of Ash

Dorian Havilliard comes across Vernon when he arrives at Morath to find the third Wyrdkey. He shifts into Vernon to get close to Erawan and ask him questions. When he destroys Morath, Vernon survives and is left to wander the Ferian Gap, where he is picked up by members of Aelin Galathynius's court and taken to her. He reveals that an army is on its way to attack Orynth. Elide takes the chance to ask him why he betrayed Terrasen and his own family; he responds that he did it because he could, and comments that her father—his brother—was an insufferable brute who only became Lord because of an accident of birth. Elide tells him that he was just jealous of Cal and his wife, and says that he will be forgotten in the years to come, his name erased from the histories. Vernon weakly retorts that Perranth has been captured by Morath. Elide dismisses him and leaves. Aelin tries a different tactic to get information, giving him ale to drink and casually asking him questions. Vernon tells her of Maeve's visit to Erawan, and makes her promise to not kill him. When Aelin gets up to leave he panics and demands she hold up her end of their deal; she tells him she only promised that no one in her court would kill him, and coldly mentions that no one will hear him screaming when everyone leaves. He should have conserved the ale.

He is then left to starve to death in the cell.

Personality and traits

Vernon was a cruel and envious man, jealous of his brother's strength and talent. He believed he was more qualified to rule Perranth and wasn't hesitant to watch his family be destroyed, and cripple his own niece, whom he was prepared to betrothe to one of the Valg.

Physical description

Vernon was a thin and reedy man with dark hair. He always had a sneer on his face.



  • Vernon may have had feelings for Marion, as he thought she was a very beautiful woman and thought she could have done better than marry his brother.
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