Varese is the capital city of the Kingdom of Wendlyn.

Varese seems to be located in an area that is significantly hotter than Rifthold. Many of the buildings are made with terra-cotta tiles. One of the common foods eaten here is teggya, a type of flatbread with a crunchy, oniony taste, which Aelin hates. Outside the walled city are vineyards that make a sour red wine. The city also has many bars called tabernas.

Varese is contrasted with Rifthold, showing what a capital city can be. It's described as "a land of plant, of opportunity, where men didn't just take what they wanted, where no doors were locked and people smiled at you in the streets." It is cleaner than Rifthold and has plenty of wealth spread between the upper and lower classes. Celaena notes how the guards in the markets don't take bribes from the merchants, or bully or threaten with fines like the guards and officials in Rifthold.

Celaena visits Varese at the start of Heir of Fire, where she has been sent by Chaol to escape from the King of Adarlan. Her mission is to assassinate Prince Galan Ashryver. However, as she finds a way to do so, she realizes that killing him would be the worst possible action for the good of the realms.


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