Atop his snowy head sat no crown. For gods among mortals did not need markers of their divine rule.

–- Sarah J. Maas, Tower of Dawn

Urus is the current Khagan of the Southern Continent.


Urus was born into the Khaganate alongside his elder brother, Orda, and at least five other siblings. Urus and his siblings spent their lives competing for the throne. When their mother, the current khagan at the time, grew ill with a wasting sickness that even the healers of the Torre Cesme couldn't heal, the khagan ordered her two chosen sons to fight to the death. They fought in an amphitheater for six hours, during which the khagan threw many challenges at her children in the form of wild animals, iron-spiked chariots with spear-throwers, and traps. Orda was injured by a chariot, and when Urus knelt to help him Orda tried to stab him in the heart. He missed, and Urus pulled the knife from his chest and killed his brother, beginning a thirty year long reign as khagan.[1] Since becoming khagan, he has added a handful of overseas kingdoms to the khaganate.

When he became khagan, he executed two of his siblings, one sibling went into exile, and the other two swore fealty to him by having the healers of the Torre render them infertile,

Tower of Dawn

Urus receives Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq in his palace after they arrive in Antica. Grieving for his recently deceased daughter Tumelun, Urus is unreceptive to Chaol's request for aid, and dismisses his gifts of treasure from Aelin Galathynius as poor flattery. He then reveals to Chaol that Rifthold has been taken by the Valg, and Dorian Havilliard has disappeared. Using it as a basis for ending the discussion, Urus says that he will have Chaol and Nesryn shown to their rooms and will request a healer from the Torre Cesme to see Chaol the next day.

Urus then spends his time grieving with his wife, the Grand Empress, and refuses Chaol's attempts to meet and discuss an alliance. At a dinner, his children band together to ambush Chaol with information about Aelin's latest conquests as a way of convincing Urus that she is not trustworthy as an ally. Despite seeing through their plan, Urus admits that they have a point and postpones further discussion.

He is later highly annoyed when Chaol interrupts a meeting with his viziers to place an order with the Vizier of Trade for expensive Antican weapons, as a ploy to demonstrate to the khagan how lucrative an alliance against the Valg could be. Angered by the interruption, Urus has Chaol removed from the room and barred from entering again.

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Urus is a confident and wise ruler, having become used to responsibility and doing what's best for his kingdom. He has a certain amount of arrogance that comes with being a revered ruler accustomed to being obeyed, but he has a good heart, seen by the policies he introduced to his kingdom.

Physical Description

Urus is a man of sixty with stark white hair and multiple scars upon his wrinkled and weathered face. He appears younger than his true age, and has slender, uptilted onyx eyes as bright as stars. His fingers are adorned with rings that symbolise each territory he has added to his kingdom during his rule.[1] He has a cunning smile. His shoulders are still broad and his spine is still straight.



  • It is unknown what generation of khagan Urus is. At the very least, he is the eighth or ninth khagan.


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