Tumelun was always a bit wild, reckless. Prone to moods. One day, happy and laughing; the next, withdrawn and hopeless. They...they say she leaped from her balcony because of it.

Kashin about Tumelun - Tower of Dawn

Tumelun was the youngest child of the Khagan, Urus.


Tumelun was the youngest of her siblings and was adored by them, despite their rivalry. She was especially close with Kashin, and would ride with him amongst the Darghan, the Horse-Lords under his command.

Three weeks prior to Chaol Westfall and Nesryn Faliq's arrival at Antica, Tumelun committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of her father's palace. Her body was found by her sister Duva and her husband.[1] It was later discovered that Duva, who was possessed by a Valg princess, pushed Tumelun off the balcony after Tumelun realized that there was something wrong with her sister and caught her exploring strange places.


Tumelun was a reckless, carefree, wild, free spirited girl. Her moods changed very often.



  • She is most likely bipolar, by her description.
  • Considering her heritage and the appearances of her siblings, it is likely that Tumelun had black hair.


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