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Blocking Policy

Blocking on Throne of Glass Wiki means preventing users from using their account or IP address to edit the wiki or participate in Discussion Board. There are various grounds for a user to be blocked on this wiki. For details, check out the list below:

Reasons for a Block

Vandalism: Users deemed to be vandalizing the pages like inserting false information & gibberish, blanking and inserting fanon to the articles will be blocked without prior warning if they are deemed to be non-stoppable and malicious.

Spam: Users spamming the articles or Discussion Board with harmful links or obscene images like pornography or other NSFW images will be blocked without warning.

Inappropriate account name: Usernames made solely to invoke hatred towards a race, religion, ethnicity, etc., will be handled instant block.

Making Personal Attacks: Users involved in making Personal Attacks on another user or ToG Staff team, including insulting, using slurs or profanity to address them, might result in an instant ban.

Causing disruption: Users engaged in causing disruption on any part of the site, be it the Discussions board or Main site, will be instantly blocked.

Copyright Violations: Users posting copyrighted material on the wiki are subject to blockage of their account.

Sock puppet accounts: Any user seen as evading their block by creating another account may lead to their new account(s) being blocked.

Violating Fandom Terms of Use: Users violating terms of use will be handled a block.

Length of Blocks

Most blocks will tend to be short, ranging from a few days to a few months. However, if a user's intent is pure destruction of the wiki, then the administration team holds the discretion to handle permanent bans to the user.