Tell Brannon of the Wildfire what occurred here; tell him the price his bloodline shall one day pay. Tell him to ready for it.

–The Three-Faced goddess to Elena Galathynius

The Three-Faced Goddess is one of the twelve gods of Erilea. She is worshipped by the Ironteeth Witches, and is the goddess of witchcraft and magic.


The Three-Faced goddess was one of the twelve otherworldly beings who became trapped in Erilea after wandering through a Wyrdgate. After Mala Fire-Bringer created the Lock and died, she became a god once again, and the gods struck a bargain with Elena Galathynius to use the Lock to seal the Wyrdkeys and send them back. They would take Erawan with them, and destroy him in their realm. However, Elena broke the promise, using the Lock only to contain Erawan. As a consequence, Elena was forced by the Gods to remain as a spirit for millennia, and help one of her descendants forge a new lock. However, that would require the person to die.

At some point, the Three-faced goddess became known to the Ironteeth witches, who began to worship her.

Empire of Storms

When Aelin Galathynius and Manon Blackbeak see a flashback of the deal made with Elena, the Three-faced goddess is among the twelve gods that berate Elena for her foolishness. The goddess specifically tells her to seek out one of Brannon's bloodline and have them forge the lock, knowing it will kill them. She disappears along with the rest of the gods afterwards.

Kingdom of Ash

The Three-Faced goddess appears for the last time when Aelin and Dorian Havilliard attempt to forge the lock. She watches impassively while Aelin bargains with Deanna for Elena's soul, and leaves with the rest of her brethren through the Wyrdgate Aelin opens to their world. Just before she closes it however, Aelin opens another Gate in their dimension to the hell-scape she stumbled into back in Rifthold, and closes the original Gate on the gods as they start screaming in fear. Their fate is left unknown.


The Three-Faced goddess was a cruel and uncaring being, unconcerned with the affairs of mortals. She showed no pity for Elena when the queen begged them not to make her kill one of her descendants, and was only worried about getting home.

Physical description

The symbol of the Three-faced goddess

The Three-Faced Goddess has three different physical manifestations; Maiden, Mother, & Crone.

The Maiden is always shown as a beautiful young girl, ages ranging from 16-24. She typically has black eyes tinged with gold, long auburn hair in a braid, pale, unblemished skin, and diminutive stature. She is represented by the Blueblood Clan, but still has the telltale iron teeth and nails that can be summoned at will. She also has green swirling tattoos on her cheeks, and golden laurels are weaved through her hair.

The Mother is a woman in the prime of her life, matured but not yet considered middle aged. Her age range is 30-40. She typically has brown, braided hair, secured in a braided bun that is covered by a veil, black eyes tinged with gold, olive skin, and proud, straight posture. She is represented by the Blackbeak Matron, and has iron teeth and nails that can be summoned at will. She has runes tattooed on both cheeks and her forehead.

The crone is a woman on the verge of death, a hag that looks like something out of a children's storybook. Her age is 80+. She has withered, pale skin, with many wrinkles and creases, white eyes that look hollow with cataracts, and a shriveled, hunched over stature. She is represented by the Yellowlegs Matron, and has iron teeth & nails that can be summoned at will. Her tattoos curl over her ears, lips, and nose.

Powers and abilities

  • Omnipresence
  • Immortality
  • Shapeshifting
  • Magic
  • Witchcraft
  • Iron teeth and nails


The Three-Faced Goddess is worshiped by all Ironteeth Witch Clans, and her three aliases are represented by each Matron. In Iornteeth legend it is the Three-faced goddess who gifted them their iron teeth and nails, as well as their affinity for having female children.



  • Sarah J. Maas most likely adapted her from the Greek goddess Hecate.
  • According to Ironteeth legend, the Three-faced goddess had a pet serpent named Abraxas who held the world between his coils at her behest, ready to destroy it at the end of time.[1]
  • The Three-Faced Goddess is mentioned in Sarah's newest book, The House of Earth and Blood. The Three-Faced Goddess is also worshipped by witches in this book.


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