I'm Theodus Brullo, Weapons Master and judge of this competition. Of course, our King's the final judge of you sorry lot, but I'll be one determining every day if you're fit to be his Champion.

Throne of Glass

Theodus Brullo was the Weapons Master in the Adarlan army for over thirty years, and the judge of the King's Champion Tournament. Brullo trained many men of the Royal Guard, including Chaol Westfall.


Throne of Glass

Brullo meets all the competitors for the King's Tournament at the palace and introduces himself, laying out all the rules and conditions for the competition to to come. He has all the competitors state their name and crimes.

As the Tournament progresses, Brullo oversees all the champions' training as well as the actual trials themselves. He takes a liking to Cain, frequently praising him.

Queen of Shadows

Three days after Chaol flees the Glass Castle, Brullo finds him and assures him that he made the right decision to leave. Along with other rebel guards, Brullo begins working with Chaol as his eyes and ears within the castle.

During one of their meetings to discuss plans to free Aedion Ashryver, Aelin appears and sets out her own plan. To Chaol's dismay, Brullo treats Aelin with respect, referring to her as "lady", and agrees to avoid the areas she intends to attack.

As the time comes for the rescue mission, Chaol grows worried when he is unable to contact Brullo or Ress. On the day of the rescue, as Chaol is being lead into the palace by Aelin, he sees Brullo and Ress's tortured bodies hanging from the iron gates, his men having been discovered as rebels and tortured by Dorian Havilliard while under the control of a Valg.


Brullo was a capable warrior and trainer, having trained Chaol the Captain of the Guard and Celaena along with the other champions. He was a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian and was not impressed by appearances alone, saving his praise for those who prove themselves to him. He was extremely loyal to those who earned it, such as Chaol Westfall.

Physical description

Brullo was a stocky, balding man. His hands were scarred from years serving as the Adarlanian weapons master.


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