Silba's Womb is a bathing chamber located on the lower levels of the Torre Cesme. The dozen stone tubs built into the cave floor are filled with natural flowing hot spring waters. Jagged stalactites ad stalactites fill the Womb. Owls - Silba's Symbol - are carved into the walls and pillars. The Womb is dark and comforting, save for the candles tucked into natural alcoves or clumped at either end of each tub.

It is required to wash in the antechambers before entering the Womb, to clean away dust and blood and stains of the world above. Lightweight robes of lavender - Silba's color - are then donned to enter the Womb proper.

It is tradition for every acolyte who steps into the Torre to bring a bell of her choosing, engraved with her name and the date of entry into the Torre, before immersing herself in the bubbling waters. These bells are strung on chains between pillars. Bells of glass and bronze and silver are found, some which have been there so long they were crusted with mineral deposits.

The bell to hang for eternity, offering music and guidance to all healers who came afterward; the voices of their beloved sisters forever singing to them.

–- Yrene Towers, Tower of Dawn

To bathe in the sacred waters of the Womb, untouched by the world above, was to enter Silba's very lifeblood. Healers immersed in the water feel as is they are indeed nestled in the warmth of Silba's womb.


An ancient architect had discovered hot springs far beneath the Torre and constructed a network of tubs built into the floor so that water flowed between them, a constant stream of warmth and movement.


  • Yrene had found the bell of her ancestor, Yafa Towers, in an ancient corner of the Womb, dating back 200 years.


Tower of Dawn

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