The Vaults is an underground pleasure hall in the slums of Rifthold. It's a place for dark dealings and other things that people want to keep from the king. It is most famous for the fighting pits, where competitors would fight hand-to-hand until one was unconscious or dead. Bets are placed on the fights. The stone floors have piles of vomit and blood scattered everywhere. The bar serves watered down ale. The Vaults are mainly occupied at night. There are multiple rooms with ragged curtains serving as doors, where prostitutes offer their services. Regardless of the fact that it "chews up and spits out" owners, it remains the same. It's uncomfortably hot, reeks of stale ale and unwashed bodies, and is packed to the rafters with lowlifes and career criminals. More than a few young lords and merchants' sons have tried to come to the Vaults, and never seen daylight again. The meat is usually rats from the alley in the street above, and is usually laced with something to knock you out so someone can rob you.

After Aelin returns from Wendlyn this is one of the first places she visits, and destroys, also sending it bankrupt by leaving open the cash box

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