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Terrasen is a country located in the northernmost part of Erilea. Founded by House Galathynius, Terrasen is one of the largest kingdoms on the continent.

During the King of Adarlan's invasion, Terrasen was the first to be conquered and added to Adarlan's empire.



Terrasen was founded by Brannon of the Wildfire and his wife and mate Mala Fire-Bringer. Hailing from Wendlyn, Brannon was a bastard-born Fae of significant power who stole the sacred sun stags from the Fae Queen Maeve and sailed west across the ocean to make a home for himself. His wife was the Goddess of the Sun, Mala Fire-Bringer, who took a mortal body to be with him and bore him a daughter, Elena who married Gavin Havilliard and became the first Queen of Adarlan.

When Brannon set foot on the continent, Kingsbloom, a small red-and-orange flower so vibrant it took your breath away, bloomed in fields and across mountains throughout the kingdom. For centuries afterward, if a solitary blossom was ever found, the current sovereign was deemed blessed and the kingdom truly at peace.

Conquest of Terrasen

Following the King of Adarlan's banning of magic within Adarlan ten years prior to Throne of Glass, he began his conquest of Terrasen by assassinating members of Terrasen's royal family, which included King Orlon Galathynius and the family of his heir, Prince Rhoe Galathynius, save his daughter, Princess Aelin who was able to escape.

With the royal family either dead or missing, the King of Adarlan declared dominion over Terrasen and invaded with his armies. He continued his purge of magic by having any and all things associated with it burned which included ancient books of knowledge, sacred sites, and even magic practitioners themselves. The armies destroyed the famous library of Orynth, the greatest in all of Erilea, and attacked the magic school Devellin, slaughtering the students. At Theralis, the great plain before Orynth, there was a final, doomed battle as the empire had swept down upon the last remaining armies of Terrasen. Most of Terrasen’s forces and commanders had not walked away from the bloodbath, and streams ran red for days afterward.

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Since the founding of Terrasen, the kingdom has been ruled by the monarchs of House Galathynius, one of the oldest royal houses in Erilea, which dates back to Terrasen's first rulers, King Brannon Galathynius and his wife, Mala Fire-Bringer. The kingdom is also home to the noble families: Allsbrook, Darrow, Gunnar, Ironwood, Lochan, Sloane, and Suria.

The rightful Queen of Terrasen is Aelin Ashryver Galathynius, called Aelin Fireheart, the last living member of the Galathynius bloodline and descendant of Brannon and Mala. She is the only child of Crown Prince Rhoe Galathynius, the nephew to King Orlon, and Evalin Ashryver, a princess of Wendlyn. On her mother’s side, she is also a descendant of the Fae Mab, who in death was immortalized as the goddess Deanna.

Following the conquest of Adarlan and throughout the King of Adarlan's occupation of the country, the stewardship of Terrasen fell to the Lords of the noble houses of the kingdom, the majority of which refused to recognize Aelin as Queen of Terrasen upon her return home.



Terrasen is mainly made up of old woods, such as Oakwald Forest, and has mountains in the very north of the kingdom. Despite the ravages of the conquest, Oakwald Forest remained untouched, echoing with the remnants of the power that had once given the trees such unnatural beauty. The south is made up of green flatlands that eventually yield to a rocky, arid coastline where the broad mouth of the Florine River snakes inland, all the way to city Orynth.

Orynth is the capital city of Terrasen, and was home to the royal family prior to Adarlan's invasion. Other cities in Terrasen include Ilium, where Brannon first landed in Terrasen, Perranth, the second largest city in the kingdom as well as Eldrys, Suria, Rosamel, and Allsbrook. All the cities are surrounded by two mountain ranges, the Staghorns to the north and the Anascauls to the west. Oakwald Forest separates Rosamel and Allsbrook from Perranth and the Perranth Mountains. East of Terrasen is the North Sea which leads into the Great Sea.


  • Terrasen's population consisted largely of magic wielders.
  • In Queen of Glass, Terrasen is named Trasien.