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The Southern Continent is the continent to the south of Erilea and southeast of Wendlyn. It is ruled by the Khaganate, who conquered it 300 years ago.


The Southern Continent was originally ruled by the Queen of Antica, who had the Torre Cesme constructed after a healer saved her child's life. Her kingdom was eventually attacked and destroyed, and multiple rulers held her title for years until the first khagan conquered the land.

The first khagan originated from a tribe of nomadic horse-riders known as the Darghan. This warlord formed a coalition of various tribes and began subjugating the continent. History depicts him as a shrewd strategist who eschewed combat when possible and restrained shows of ruthlessness for times of necessity; he preferred instead to target prominent figures with brutality to intimidate other cities into submission. Upon a territory's surrender, the khagan generously compensated its residents. Eventually, he set up a sprawling infrastructural system that connected the continent's many regions to one another through bridges and roads.

The khagan's palace was built atop the ruins of the Queen's palace, and the empire of Antica took root, growing into an unstoppable force that conquered surrounding areas and thrived under the khaganate's rule.[1]

One of the khagans preceding Urus outlawed slavery.


The Southern Continent is bordered on the north by The Narrow Sea. Antica, the capital city, is located on the northern border near the Aksara Oasis. Travelers can reach the southern border of the continent by taking the Sister Road, which ends at Tigana. The Sister Road branches off, heading west, to the Scholars' Road, which ends at Balruhn. The Northern Desert and the Ombric Isles are found in the northeast. The Kyzultum Desert is in the southeast. The westernmost point of the continent is the Ruby Isles. Starting in the northwest and going south are the Asmil Mountains, the Tavan Mountains, and the Dagul Fells.

The southwest contains quarries for materials such as the green marble that makes up the floors of the khagan's palace. The Northern Desert contains red wood used to create the pillars that make up the receiving hall in the palace. The southern end of the continent is mountainous. The east contains the grassy steppes where the khagan's ancestors once lived.

Peoples and Cultures

The people of the Southern Continent have darker skin than some of their northern neighbors, such as the peoples of Terrasen and Adarlan. It is usually varying shades of brown and tan. Generally, the hair color is black. Eyes tend to be varying shades of black and chestnut but occasionally may be hazel or green. Eyes can range from untitled to wide and round to slender.

Because the khaganate embraced cultural differences, knowing that repression would foment dissent, the empire is a blend of myriad cultures. One of the most conspicuous pieces of evidence of this tolerance is the temples dedicated to numerous deities within Antica. The empire celebrates holidays for thirty-six gods and goddesses, so festivals and feasts frequently take place. Death rituals are varied and often a blend from the countless kingdoms and territories now governed by the khaganate. The color white is used to signify someone has died. It is an ancient holdover from the khagan's ancestors.

Gender views are notably more equal than those in Erilea. Females and males hold joint control over households, and at least one khagan has been female. A male or female offspring of the khagan may be appointed as heir; the khagan makes his or her selection based upon fitness to rule, regardless of gender. Violence against women, though extant, is also less common here than in other places in the Throne of Glass universe.

Slavery is frowned upon within the khaganate. Wealthy families hire paid servants who can choose to pursue advancements in their careers. Servants often have sex with their charges in hopes of gaining such promotions, and a married person who participates is not typically viewed as an adulterer.

The language of the Southern Continent is Halha.

Notable Locations


Main article: Antica

Antica is the capital of the Southern continent and the seat of the Khaganate's power. It houses the Khagan's palace and has a harbor.

Torre Cesme

Main article: Torre Cesme

The Torre Cesme is the ancient tower located in Antica that houses the healers and serves as an academy to train new ones. It predates the Khaganate.

Tavan Mountains

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The Tavan Mountains are home to the Rukhin and Stygian Spiders.

Notable residents

  • Royalty:


  • The Southern Continent appears to be heavily based on the Mongol Empire, as it is ruled by a Khaganate (clearly derived from the Mongol Khanates), of which the first khagan originated from a nomadic horse-riding tribe (like the Mongols) and united other tribes as Genghis Khan did to conquer other lands. Many of the characters from the Southern Continent have Mongolian names as well.


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