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Sorscha was a healer who worked at the Glass Castle in Rifthold. She was also secretly a spy for the rebels.


Early Life

Sorscha and her parents lived in a small village in southern Fenharrow. When their town was burned to ashes, they fled to Rifthold, where her parents were slaughtered in the immigrant purge. She then trained to be a healer, and eventually got hired to be a healer at the palace.

Crown of Midnight

Sorscha treats Chaol, Dorian, Aelin, and Fleetfoot's wounds after their battle with the monster in the catacombs, though at this point, her name is still unknown to them.

Heir of Fire

Sorscha is introduced by name. Secretly in love with Dorian, she serves as a healer in the glass castle. Amithy often bullies her. Sorscha heals Dorian's wounds after he tangles with a rosebush. Dorian inquires about her life story, and she tells him that she and her parents hailed from a village in southern Fenharrow and that after their village was destroyed, they moved to Rifthold, where her parents were killed in the immigrant purge. When Dorian questions why she works in the Glass Castle, Sorscha replies that she has nowhere to go. The following day, Dorian sends for her and asks her exactly where her village was so that he can mark it on his personal map of Erilea. Dorian regularly visits Sorscha after his training sessions to have his wounds tended. While she treats his injured wrist one day, they banter before Sorscha inquires about the wellness of Aelin, who she knows as Celaena, and Fleetfoot, who, Dorian assures her, are well. This allows Sorscha to broach the subject of what inflicted Fleetfoot's wounds, as she believes that Fleetfoot was attacked. Dorian divulges that there were two different monsters: the Ridderak, which Aelin dispatched, and the monster that he, Chaol, Aelin, and Fleetfoot encountered in the catacombs. Sorscha asks if the King would punish Dorian and his friends for the incident with the monster, to which Dorian replies that his father would. Dorian's magic begins to flare up; unaware of his struggle, Sorscha states quietly that the King would kill Celaena and Chaol too, and realizes that his friends' safety is why Dorian concealed the event from his father. Her musings feed Dorian's panic, causing him to lose control of his magic. Dorian kisses Sorscha, and the two become lovers. Towards the end, Dorian's father gives the order to kill Sorscha because she wouldn't give him the information he wanted and she was thus beheaded in front of Dorian, Aedion, and Chaol.


Sorscha was extremely shy and tried to make herself inconspicuous, tending to tacitly observe than to act directly. Sharp-minded and intuitive, Sorscha could easily piece together bits of information to form accurate inferences. These qualities rendered her a decent spy. However, she was also insecure, and her meekness made her a favorite target of Amithy's bullying. Sorscha was also kind and devoted, as she not only served as a healer but also agreed to help Dorian learn to control his magic at great personal risk. Despite her hatred of the King of Adarlan, she loved Dorian deeply and was willing to make sacrifices for his well-being.

Physical description

Sorscha was described to be pretty, but not stunningly beautiful, with chestnut hair woven into a braid. Her eyes are Hazel (brown flecked with green) and her skin tone is golden-tan. Some of her facial features suggest at least one member of her family was from Eyllwe, perhaps a grandparent. In Heir of Fire Dorian noted that she moved like water.



Dorian Havilliard

Sorscha had a crush on Dorian for six years since she came to the Glass Castle, but she was certain that a relationship between them would never happen. However, Dorian took notice of her when he visited her to have some wounds bound. He recognized her and asked for her name. When she tended another wound of Dorian's shortly afterward, he asked about her life, then sent a messenger the next day so that she could tell him where her village was so he could mark it on his personal map of Erilea. Sorscha later discovered that Dorian had magic powers and began helping him learn to control them. A relationship blossomed, and Dorian and Sorscha became lovers. Sorscha, even though she loved Dorian, feared that it was too good to last throughout their relationship. Following the purge at Calaculla, Dorian, concerned for Sorscha's safety, panicked and attempted to offer her money and supplies so she could flee, but Sorscha refused, insisting that they stayed together. Chaol and Aedion worked on an escape plan for Dorian and Sorscha so they could leave the King behind together. Sorscha expressed concern that she was unfit to be queen and might have to leave Dorian one day, but he loved her with all his heart. Eventually, Sorscha was revealed to have leaked information about the King to the rebels. Dorian attempted to bargain with the King for his lover's life, but the King callously beheaded Sorscha, causing Dorian to fly into a fit of rage and grief and unleash his powers.