Silba is the Goddess of Healing and Gentle Deaths. Her bloodline runs through the healers of the Southern Continent.

Water - Silba's element. To bathe in the sacred waters here, untouched by the world above, was to enter Silba's very lifeblood.

–- Yrene Towers, Tower of Dawn

Silba's symbol is the Owl, as seen carved in multiple places in the Torre Cesme. The color that represents her is lavender. Lightweight robes of lavender are given to healers to wear after washing before entering the Womb.

The element that represents her is Water, as it is purifying and cleansing, and better tuned to healing.

Silba forged Athril's Ring, which grants the wearer immunity from the Valg. It was first believed that Mala forged the ring.

When Aelin trapped the gods in the Valg world, Silba was with them and presumably died.

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