Sellene Whitethorn is the cousin of Rowan Whitethorn and Endymion Whitethorn. She turns against Maeve in the battle originally against Aelin along with the whole Whitethorn family.


Sellene, like Rowan, has silver hair. Her eyes are pine green and cunning.


Empire of Storms

She is Rowan’s youngest cousin. She listens to Rowan's beg to turn against Maeve in her battle against Aelin. With a small smile, she said the same thing as her other family members, “I will consider it.”

Kingdom of Ash

Due to Maeve’s death she becomes Queen of Doranelle. The throne should go to Aelin, but she is already the Queen of Terrassen, so the throne goes to the oldest Female Whitethorn which is Sellene.

Magical Abilities

As a member of House Whitethorn, Sellene is able to control wind and ice. Her animal form is a golden eagle.


  • Sellene is the youngest and the only female of the Whitethorn cousins.
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