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I love you. There is no limit to what I can give to you, no time I need. Even when this world is a forgotten whisper of dust between the stars, I will love you.

Rowan to Aelin in Empire of Storms

Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius is a Fae Prince, warrior, and formerly one of the six elite members of Maeve's Cadre. He is the King-Consort and mate to the Queen of Terrasen, Aelin Galathynius. He is also one of the main protagonists of the Throne of Glass series. Rowan first makes his appearance in the series in the third book, Heir of Fire.

After his blood oath with Maeve ended[2], he swore the blood oath to Aelin Galathynius and became the first official member of her court.

He is the most powerful full-blooded Fae male in existence.


Rowan is first seen as closed off, cold, and uncaring, mostly reacting with anger and annoyance at Aelin during the first few months of their training. Later on, after discovering more about Aelin's past, Rowan warms up to Aelin and is kinder and more caring, showing worry when she is hurt or weak.

Rowan is devoted by a blood oath to Aelin and will defend her at any cost. He is incredibly loyal and supportive of her choices.

As a warrior, hundreds of years old, Rowan is capable of cruelty and torture to protect what he loves.

Physical description

Rowan is tall (6'4) and broad-shouldered, with every inch of him seemingly corded with muscle. Like all Fae, he has vaguely arched ears and slightly elongated canines. He is described as having an accent, almost like a purr. He has tan skin and a wicked-looking tattoo etched down the left side of his harsh face that starts at the temple and flows over his jaw and down his throat, where it disappears beneath his clothes. Rowan and Aelin share a tattoo on their backs. He also has Gavriel's name tattooed on his arm.

He is handsome and has pine-green eyes, tan skin, and long gleaming silver hair. He later cuts his hair to short in Queen of Shadows, claiming that shorter hair is more useful for fighting.

Like other Fae, he has an animal form, which is a white-tailed hawk.  


  • Wind Magic: As a member of the Whitethorn House, Rowan possesses the ability to control and manipulate wind however he pleases. He can make cold breezes and warm breezes and can put out Aelin's fire with a thought. His magic also goes as far as to let him steal all of the oxygen out of the air for however long he needs to. He has much more magic than an average Fae.
  • Ice Magic: As a member of the Whitethorn House, Rowan can control and manipulate ice. This is seen in Heir of Fire, where he freezes an entire lake during a training exercise.
  • Lightning: It is mentioned on a few occasions that Rowan can create lightning, but it is unknown to what extent.
  • Healing: Like all Fae, Rowan has advanced healing and great control over it.
  • Immortality: Rowan, like all Fae, is immortal and cannot age or die unless fatally wounded.
  • Shape-shifting: Rowan has an animal form as well, which is a white-tailed hawk. Even in this form, he can still control and use his magic.
  • Combat Skills: Rowan is accounted one of the foremost warriors in the world, being able to defeat any other being in single combat and often defeat many opponents at once.



  • In Queen of Glass, Rowan's name was originally Raonn.[3]
  • Rowan smells like snow and pine, just like Terrasen.
  • His favorite food is a type of meat on a stick available from a street vendor in Doranelle.
  • Carranam is derived from the Irish phrase "m'anam cara", which translates to "soulmate", or literally: "name friend". Rowan's carranam is Aelin.
  • His favorite color is green.
  • His magic is described as old and vast.
    • It takes him a full day to use it all, which is massive compared to most Fae.
  • It is unknown who has more power, him or Lorcan, as Rowan is described as the most powerful Full-blooded Fae male and Lorcan as the most powerful Demi-Fae male.
  • In Kingdom of Ash, Rowan had a dream of his possible future children with Aelin.