Rhoe Galathynius was the Crown Prince of Terrasen, heir to his uncle King Orlon Galathynius. He was the husband of Princess Evalin Ashryver and father of their daughter Princess Aelin Ashryver Galathynius


Not much is known about Rhoe's early life, but he met Evalin Ashryver, a princess of Wendlyn during a meeting between the two kingdoms, and it was love at first sight. When Fae Queen Maeve of Doranelle learned that the two were involved, she discouraged it, claiming their bloodlines were too volatile to be mixed. They defied her orders and eloped in Terrasen. Shortly thereafter, Rhoe and Evalin became parents to daughter Aelin. 

During his daughter's first eight years of life, Rhoe expressed concerns about how isolated Aelin was and her obvious lack of friends. He tried to convince Evalin to send Aelin away to school to make friends and learn to control her magic, but due to a fear of Maeve, his wife vehemently refused. 

During Adarlan's invasion of Terrasen, Rhoe and Evalin were brutally murdered at their summer estate the same night as King Orlon was on direct orders of the King of Adarlan. Aelin was able to escape and was the only survivor of House Galathynius

Appearance and Character

Rhoe had brown hair, broad shoulders, and a strong build. He was handsome and referred to as a warrior-prince, and also noted as a skilled swordsman; he began Aedion's training personally when he arrived in Terrasen.


  • Rhoe was the former owner of the Sword of Orynth that is currently in Aedion's possession.
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