You want to know the grand Crochan secret? Our great truth that we keep from you, that we guard with our lives? It is not where we hide, or how to break your curse. You have known all this time how to break it—you have known for five hundred years that your salvation lies in your hands alone. No, our great secret is that we pity you.

–Rhiannon - Heir of Fire

Rhiannon was the Crochan half-sister of Manon Blackbeak.


Rhiannon was born to Tristan Crochan and an unnamed Crochan witch, who was killed a few years later by Ironteeth Witches in Melisande. Not much is known about Rhiannon's childhood, except that she was very close to another witch named Bronwen. When her father disappeared while searching for Lothian Blackbeak, Rhiannon went looking for him and her half-sister, believing that she and Manon could rule the witches together.

Heir of Fire

Rhiannon is captured by Iskra Yellowlegs after being caught spying on the Ironteeth at Morath. She is brutally interrogated for two days afterwards before being brought before Manon to be killed. The Blackbeak Matron is present at the execution.

Rhiannon is forced to kneel before Manon, battered and bloody, and tells Manon that she knows her; she is on top of the Crochans' kill-on-sight list, and is referred to as the White Demon. She goes on to reveal that she knows the true purpose for her execution, and points out her wounds to Manon, challenging her to look at them. Coughing up blood through broken teeth and cracked lips, Rhiannon says that the Crochans pity the Ironteeth for being made monsters by the Matrons' brutal treatment, and tells Manon that she was made a monster, and not born one. The Blackbeak Matron interrupts, and Rhiannon quietly begs Manon to kill her. Manon cuts her throat, and takes her red cloak afterwards.

Empire of Storms

When Manon attacks the Blackbeak Matron rather than kill Asterin Blackbeak, the Matron cruelly informs her that the witch she killed was her own half-sister, caught looking for her after so many years. She tells Manon the witch's name, Rhiannon, and mocks Manon for being a Crochan Queen. Manon is bothered by this revelation.

Kingdom of Ash

After Manon is recognized by the Crochans at the encampment she finds, one of them asks her about Rhiannon. When Manon confirms her death, the witch, Bronwen, is furious at the news of her friend's death. Glennis tells Manon about Rhiannon and what she believed was possible.


Look all you want. Look at what they did to me, your sisters. How it must pain them to know they couldn't break me in the end.

–Rhiannon - Heir of Fire

Rhiannon was very devoted to her family, carrying on the search for Manon even after her father's death.

She diplays great courage and perception, not showing any fear at her impending execution and realizing that her death was meant to be a challenge instead of a gift. She points out that the Ironteeth were unable to break her.

Glennis describes her as the opposite of Manon in many ways. She was open, honest, and spoke her feelings, regardless of the consequences. Some witches thought she was brash. She constantly spoke loudly and to anyone who would listen about the possibility of a united Witch Kingdom.

Physical Description

Rhiannon was described as a brown haired witch with eyes the colour of freshly tilled earth.

Skills and Abilities

  • Immortality: Rhiannon was immortal as a result of her witch heritage.
  • Magic: Rhiannon possessed inherent magical ability unique to Crochans, which could be used for a variety of purposes, such as glamours.
  • Combat: As a Crochan witch Rhiannon was well trained in combat and was a proficient fighter.
  • Flight: Rhiannon was capable of flight through riding her broom.



  • The Blackbeak Matron mentions in Empire of Storms that Rhiannon told her of her kinship with Manon, thinking it would save her.
    • She also says that Rhiannon decided not to reveal her identity after seeing what Manon had become.
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