If Hasar was pure flame, then Renia was flowing water.

–- Tower of Dawn

Renia is Hasar's lover, and a friend of Yrene Westfall. She first appears in Tower of Dawn.


Renia was lowborn, and used to live in poverty. Though the details are never confirmed, she used to be in a dire situation, until Hasar fell in love with her and rescued her from the streets. She then became Hasar's lover and is welcomed into the Royal Family of the Southern Continent.


Renia is the opposite of Hasar. She is quiet and easygoing, accommodating, and submissive. She is very sociable, and puts Hasar and Yrene Westfall at ease.

Physical Description

Renia is described as very beautiful, with flowing brown hair and rare lovely green eyes.



Hasar is Renia's lover, and they are wholly devoted to each other. Hasar is very protective of Renia, and keeps her far away from the judgment of the court. They love each other very much, and have even considered getting a sperm donor/artificial insemination if Hasar is chosen to be the khaganate in order to produce offspring.

Yrene Westfall

She is also very good friends with Yrene Westfall, who prefers her to Hasar due to her kindness and ease. She is very empathetic and caring, and was treated by Yrene when she was getting some "unpleasantries" removed.



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