There's no need to be nice on account of the help. If they don't learn what we like, whatever will they do in the capital?

–Remelle to Celaena

Remelle is a noble Fae female and a former lover of Rowan Whitethorn.


100 years before Rowan met Celaena Sardothien, he and Remelle were engaged in a relationship over the course of a season.[1] Remelle felt no true love for Rowan, only a desire to possess him for his power. He eventually cast her aside, though she continued to pursue him.

Empire of Storms Exclusive (Target)

Remelle stops by Mistward on her way Doranelle, along with her companions Lord Benson and Lady Essar. During her stay she continues her pursuit of Rowan, flirting with him and hanging onto him. Though Rowan treats her coldly Remelle attempts to seduce him and goes to his room soon after her arrival, where she is shocked to find Celaena residing. After Celaena leaves Remelle remarks that she is beneath Rowan and tries to reconcile with him. He dismisses her.

At dinner Remelle continues to belittle Celaena, for her Demi-Fae heritage, and Essar, for her common upbringing. Celaena threatens her after she insults Emrys and his cooking, and Remelle tries to get Rowan to defend her. She grabs his arm and ignores his requests to let go, leading to Celaena engulfing her in flames and warning her against touching him again. Remelle then throws up after Celaena releases her.

She leaves the next day, humiliated and fuming at her treatment, though she makes no further comments before her departure.


Remelle is an arrogant, possessive female who holds disdain for those with diluted or non-existent Fae blood. She is very vain and uses her position to excuse her insults and snarky remarks.

Physical description

Remelle is a beautiful Fae female with pale blond hair and vibrant cerulean eyes. She has ivory skin and long, slender fingers.

Powers and abilities

  • Linguistic magic: Remelle's magic allows her to master any magic she hears, no matter how briefly.



  • Essar reveals to Celaena that Remelle at one point considered Lorcan Salvaterre for a partner, until she learned of his Demi-Fae heritage.


2. Heir of Fire

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