Religion plays an important role in the societies in the Throne of Glass universe. Beliefs and practices can vary by individuals, factions, or regions of the world.

Mainstream Pantheon

Although this is not the sole pantheon worshiped in the Throne of Glass universe, individuals from various regions follow these deities, and it appears thus far to be the most common set of gods worshiped. There are nine deities in this pantheon.

Great Goddess

The Great Goddess is the mother of the gods.


Lumas is the firstborn of the Great Goddess's children. He is the God of Love and Lord of the Gods. His birth, which is celebrated on Yulemas, is said to have brought love into Erilea and banish the chaos that came from the Gates of the Wyrd. He is depicted with glistening wings.


Farnor is the God of War. His Yulemas token is a silver sword.


Often referred to as the "dark god", Hellas is the God of the Underworld. Deaths associated with him are violent, and his realm is described as "burning". His consort is Annieth.

Hellas is the patron god of Lorcan Salvaterre.


Anneith is a goddess associated with cleverness, slyness, and manipulation. Deaths attributed to her are brutal, bloody, and slow. Her consort is Hellas.

Anneith is the patron goddess of Elide Lochan.


Temis is the Goddess of Wild Things.

She is the patron goddess of Lysandra.


Deanna is the Keeper of the Moon and the Lady of the Hunt. She is both sister and rival to Mala. As a result of Maeve's deification of her sister Mab, Deanna's original image was syncretized with that of Mab, so that hounds and a love of hunting became some of Deanna's traits in mortal depictions. Her Yulemas token is a golden arrow.


Mala is the Sun Goddess; the Light-Bringer; and the Lady of Light, Learning, and Fire. Her temple, which is on an island surrounded by lava, can only be reached by those blessed with Mala's gifts. Her sister and rival is Deanna.

Mala became a mortal and married Brannon Galathynius. Mala's bloodline lives on in her descendants Aelin Ashryver Galathynius and Dorian Havilliard.

Mala is the patron goddess of Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.


Silba is the goddess of healing and is often associated with owls. She is the patron goddess of Yrene Towers.

The Three-Faced Goddess and Ironteeth Beliefs

Ironteeth Witches believe in a three-faced goddess, whose aspects are Maiden, Mother, and Crone. As the Three-Faced Goddess is triune, the number three is significant in Ironteeth religious rituals and culture. The phases of the moon are also important, with a certain moon phase representing each aspect of the Goddess. The Three-Faced Goddess is described as a wise entity by Elena Galathynius.

Abraxos is the serpent who holds the world in his coils and who will devour the world when the Three-Faced Goddess commands.

Festivals and Holidays


An autumnal holiday, Samhuinn is another name for Samhain it is celebrated on November first this is the origin of Halloween in the real world in that it is celebrated with some level of superstition about unseen things and the dead.


Much like Christmas, this holiday takes place in the winter. It celebrates the birth of Lumas and, by extension, the entrance of love into the world. People feast, exchange gifts, and throw parties and balls. In Throne of glass, the Adarlan nobility throw a masquerade ball, and attend a chapel service.


Beltane, a vernal holiday, celebrates the planting of the fields. People leave gifts for the Little Folk, decorate hawthorn bushes, and erect maypoles. Bonfires are lit, and a few people may jump over the fires. Feasts with music and dancing may be held.

Celtic Wheel of the Year


Given the presence of spirits and ghosts, there appears to be at least one afterlife in the Throne of Glass universe.


Those who follow the mainstream pantheon believe that a being's soul goes to the Afterworld when that being dies. It appears to be a place where one can reunite with their loved ones.


The Ironteeth believe that upon death, they will be "claimed" by the Darkness. Whether the Ironteeth view this as nonexistence, some sort of afterlife, or a bridge between this world and an afterlife is unclear.