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Perranth is the second largest city in the Kingdom of Terrasen. It is ruled by House Lochan.


Perranth is located to the north of Erilea, in south-eastern Terrasen. The city itself is nestled between an unnamed lake and the Perranth Mountains, with fields surrounding the city proper and separating it from the lake. Perranth is a walled city, though the walls were torn down by Adarlanian soldiers during the conquest of Terrasen. Because of this the buildings closest to the walls spill over onto the fields surrounding the city, which is built from dark stone.

Perranth Castle, the seat of the Lochans, is built along a mountain bordering the city, and looks out over the city and the lake. The towers of the castle are tall enough to rival those in Orynth.

In winter, the Lanis river ices over, making it possible to cross.[1]


During the King of Adarlan's invasion of Terrasen, the Lord and Lady of Perranth, Cal and Marion Lochan, were killed and rule of the city was seized by Cal's brother Vernon Lochan, who had pledged allegiance to Adarlan. Cal was executed in Perranth while Vernon and the people of the city watched. The walls of the city were torn down during the invasion.

Vernon then assumed wardenship over his young niece, Elide, the rightful Lady of Perranth. For the next ten years he kept Elide locked in a tower in Perranth Castle, and barred the windows to prevent her committing suicide. When she was 18 Vernon took her to Morath with him to be a servant.

During the second war with Erawan Perranth was invaded once more by a foreign army; soldiers from Morath attacked and sacked it, thereafter using it as a base for the Ironteeth Witches until Erawan's death. At this point the soldiers holding Perranth all died, and the people took the city back. With Vernon dead, Elide returned to Perranth after Aelin Galathynius's coronation with her mate Lorcan Salvaterre, and married him soon afterwards. Together they began to rebuild the city.

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