Orynth is the capital of the Kingdom of Terrasen and is now the residence of House Galathynius. It was formerly under the rule of Adarlan.


Orynth is located in the north of the country, bordered by the Staghorn Mountains.


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Ten years prior to Throne of Glass, Orynth was attacked and conquered by Adarlan.

Heir of Fire

Orynth is seen in a flashback of the day the King of Adarlan visited the royal family of Terrasen.


  • It was mentioned by Aelin Galathynius that Orynth once had a great library, filled with works about the art of magic. However, these were forever lost, destroyed and burnt by Adarlanian soldiers on orders from the King of Adarlan, after practicing magic was made illegal in the empire and its colonies.
  • The city of Orynth was said to be very beautiful, with the royal palace having towers made of opal stones.
  • Orlon Galathynius was murdered in the royal palace of Orynth.
  • Aelin was banned from the Library of Orynth when she was eight.
  • It snows in Orynth.
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