King Orlon Galathynius was the last king of Terrasen, Aelin's great-uncle, who was assassinated in his bed in the royal palace of Orynth.


Orlon was uncle to Rhoe Galathynius and great-uncle to Aelin Ashryver Galathynius. He ruled Terrasen for several decades before being murdered, and many people recall his kind and fair nature when speaking of him, Aelin even stating in Empire of Storms that "she'd never heard a stern or raging angry word from Orlon.''


Orlon ruled Terrasen peacefully, before he, his nephew, and his nephew's wife were murdered under the orders of the King of Adarlan. The king's corpse was found in his chambers in the royal palace of Orynth, already lifeless.

Before his death, Orlon's lover was Weylan Darrow and he therefore never had any children of his own. The throne would eventually be passed to his nephew, Rhoe and his wife Evalin, then to his great-niece Aelin.

During Orlon's second decade of kingship, a single blossom of kingsflame bloomed in Oakwald - the flower symbolized that the current sovereign was blessed and the kingdom was truly at peace. Orlon kept the kingsflame pressed in glass on his desk. It was the only belonging of his that Darrow was able to save before Adarlan invaded.


  • Orlon was homosexual, taking Weylan Darrow as his lover.
  • He was considered a good enough king that the kingsflame bloomed for him.
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