You told me Dorian would fix the world, make it better. But if he's gone, if we made the mistake today in keeping him alive, then I will find another way to attain that future. And another one after that, if I have to. I will keep getting back up, no matter how many times those butchers shove me down.

Queen of Shadows

Nesryn Faliq is a former city guard of Rifthold. She worked with Chaol and the rebels to overthrow the King of Adarlan. After the coup's success, she became the Captain of the Royal Guard.


Nesryn was born in Balruhn, a city of the Southern Continent. When she was young, her father Sayed chose to move his immediate family to Adarlan. Nesryn grew up in Rifthold and was mistreated by others for her being a foreigner and having a different appearance. When she was old enough, she became a city guard because of the fact that none of them helped her as a child when she was attacked by others and screamed for help. To appear more serious in the eyes of her colleagues, she cut her hair short to shoulder-length, as she figured having a fancy hairstyle would not earn her much respect. Her sister Delara complained about this for a long time.

As a woman, Nesryn was passed over for promotions many times in her career in favour of less experienced male soldiers. However, she kept quiet about it because she knew that to say anything would result in her dismissal, and she valued her position for the good it allowed her to do.

During her early life, Nesryn worked hard to become an excellent archer and earned acclaim as Neith's Arrow, a title derived from the Goddess of the Hunt.

Queen of Shadows

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Empire of Storms Exclusive (WHSmith)

Nesryn and Chaol journey across the Narrow Sea to Antica. She battles with Chaol's new bitter attitude at his disability and attempts to be intimate with him at one point, which ends with Chaol becoming frustrated and pushing her away. Nesryn leaves him alone after that, though they still sleep in the same bed.

Tower of Dawn

Nesryn and Chaol arrive at Antica after three weeks at sea. She is mesmerised by being back in her homeland and takes in every detail with awe. The two are escorted to the Khagan's palace for an audience, and Nesryn is awestruck by being in his presence. She notes each of his children and runs through their names, and when questioned by the Khagan she explains that she was born in Balruhn but her father moved to Adarlan when she was young. She notices the white banners flying from the palace and realises that someone has died; this is later revealed to be the Khagan's youngest child, Tumelun.

When the Khagan reveals that Rifthold has been invaded and is under Valg rule, Nesryn goes into shock as she realises that her family might be dead. She regrets coming to Antica, and only calms down when she reads the letter her father sent to her uncle saying that her family escaped Rifthold, though their whereabouts are unknown.

Nesryn accompanies Chaol during his first examination by a healer from the Torre Cesme. Her presence and behaviour begin to grate on Chaol and she leaves.

During Chaol's sessions, Nesryn is generally absent and ends up hunting through the sewers of Antica alone for a Valg infiltrator who murders one of the healers of the Torre Cesme. Nesryn eventually befriends Prince Sartaq, one of the Khagan's children who commands the armies of the rukhin. They grow close and spend time together, with Sartaq even allowing her to ride with him on Kadara, his ruk. Sartaq also reveals that he has heard of her before, as Neith's Arrow.

At a party held by the Khagan's children, Nesryn sticks with Sartaq. After the party, Chaol asks to hear about her extended family that she previously visited. She spends the whole night talking about her aunt, uncle and various nieces and nephews that live in their home in the Runni Quarter. Chaol listens dutifully, though Nesryn knows that the only reason he asked is that he feels guilty.

Because of this, Nesryn decides to journey with Sartaq to the nests of the rukhin, a journey which will take three weeks. She leaves a simple note for Chaol that states she doesn't hold him to any promises.

Along the way, Nesryn is free to talk with Sartaq. They discuss their families and lives, and Nesryn deduces that Sartaq is something of a flirt.

Physical description

Nesryn is slender with dark shoulder-length hair. Her eyes are always lightly lined with kohl, even on missions. She has been described as beautiful by Prince Sartaq.

Personality and traits

Nesryn is cold and unyielding. Aelin once thought that Nesryn could give Rowan a run for his money for her sheer iciness. Nesryn explains to Chaol during their journey that she has simply learned to hide her emotions well to avoid showing weakness. She actually has a rather sarcastic, dry humour.

She has a strong sense of honour and joined the city guard to protect other foreigners from the discrimination and abuse she experienced as a child.

Powers and abilities

  • Archery: Nesryn is an outstanding archer. She is so skilled that people refer to her as Neith's Arrow, and her skill is known even outside of the Northern Continent.
  • Combat: Nesryn is skilled in combat due to her career as a guard.


Chaol Westfall

In Queen of Shadows, she and Chaol share an intimate moment before attacking the castle when they go to the sea god's temple and Chaol reaches for her hand. They promise each other that "once everything is over" they will figure out where home is. Chaol seems to officially end his relationship with Aelin. He chooses to be with Nesryn, wanting happiness for himself.

In Tower of Dawn, however, their relationship begins to deteriorate, Chaol balks at the idea of intimacy due to his condition. As the book progresses, Chaol kisses her and remarks that there is "no heat" to the kiss.

The distance between them continues to widen, especially after the party for Tehome's holiday when Chaol and Yrene kiss each other. Nesryn departs for the Tavan Mountains with Sartaq. Realising that she does not want to be a consolation prize, she simply sends Chaol a note conveying where she is going and the end of their romantic relationship, then departs for the Tavan Mountains with Sartaq.

When Chaol sends her an urgent message to return from Rorkhal, Nesryn and Sartaq fly quickly to Antica. On their way back, they entreat the healers for help and lead them to the tunnels under the Torre Cesme, where they encounter Yrene, Hafiza, Duva, and Chaol. Nesryn sheds tears when Yrene saves his life and grants him the ability to walk. She and Chaol embrace.

After Duva is purged of the Valg princess within her, she and Sartaq rendezvous with Chaol and Yrene to share information in the suite.



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  • Nesryn can speak and understand Halha, the language of the Southern Continent.
  • Neith is the Egyptian goddess of hunting (especially with bows) and bees.