Nelly is an employee at Sayed Faliq's bakery.



Queen of Shadows

Nelly is an employee at a bakery belonging to Sayed Faliq.

Lysandra and Aelin disguise themselves and visit the bakery, requesting to see Nelly under the pretense of having asked her to bake a brambleberry pie. The employee at the counter sends for her; Nelly comes out of the kitchen to speak to Lysandra and Aelin, who then press her for information on the opium dealer. When Nelly feigns ignorance, Aelin bribes her, and Nelly acquiesces, telling them that the dealer escaped the Shadow Market fire by fleeing into the catacombs beneath the sewers. Once she finishes saying this, she snatches up the coins and disappears back into the kitchen.

Aelin wonders why Nelly has not been fired yet, claiming that opium addicts are lousy employees, but Nesryn replies by saying that Nelly makes good bread.

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