Princess Nehemia Ytger was the Princess of Eyllwe and Aelin Galathynius's friend.


Throne of Glass

In Throne of Glass, Nehemia arrived at Rifthold, sent by her father, King of Eyllwe, to learn the northern customs. Her reasons behind going to the glass castle were a bit murky, though many believed that she had secret connections to the rebel movement in Eyllwe. Later books confirm that it was actually Elena Galathynius who had told her to go to Adarlan for the "sake of her people." Nehemia fiercely loved her country—and would do anything to ensure the safety and happiness of her people. As murders are committed within the castle; Aelin suspected Nehemia of being the killer, later on it was demonstrated that she was innocent, although she did have something to hide: Nehemia could undersand Wyrdmarks and can use them to her benefit. When she discovered the truth behind Aelin's identity, instead of being scared, she forgave the assassin for not telling her the truth and named her Elentiya.

Crown of Midnight

In Crown of Midnight, Nehemia tried to persuade Aelin to join the rebels, supposedly not knowing about her friends' true heritage, (we find out in book five that she knew all along) and had been upset with her refusal. The princess was murdered in her chambers by an assassin named Grave, sent by Archer Finn. Nehemia had been buried in Rifthold, but her remains were scheduled to be sent back to Nehemia's homeland, Eyllwe.


Nehemia was very bold in her actions and believed in doing what was necessary for the greater good. She is very cunning in the regard that she was able to work with rebel groups without anyone knowing. Nehemia had the nature to be quite blunt about whether or not she liked someone. She also was very wise and intelligent.

Physical description

Nehemia was described as stunningly beautiful with a long and lean body. She had long black hair usually worn in thin braids, brown eyes, and creamy, dark skin. She usually wore golden accessories.


  • The people of Eyllwe spoke proudly of her beauty and bravery, calling her the Light of Eyllwe.
  • In the original story, her name is Anuksun.
  • Nehemia says that, before her parents got married, her mother was the daughter of a chief who sought to overthrow her grandfather (the King of Eyllwe at the time).