Narrok was an Adarlanian general who was possessed by a Valg prince.


He has ”mortal brown eyes” Celaena thought in Heir of Fire.



Heir of Fire

General Narrok was one of the four Valg princes that attacked demi-Fae and drained them while trying to make them hosts like him for Valg princes. He and the other three Valg princes later attacked Mistward upon learning that Celaena and Rowan had been spying on them. At first it seemed as if Narrok and the other Valg princes were winning, but then Celaena burst through their darkness with her flame and destroyed all four Valg princes, however not before Narrok managed to send a vision of the future to Celaena. The vision was of her with the three Wyrdkeys in Orynth with people cheering her name.

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