Narene was Asterin Blackbeak’s wyvern and Abraxos’s mate.


Heir of Fire

Although she is not named in Heir of Fire, Narene first appears when the Thirteen choose their mounts. Asterin selects her for her cunning and her stealth skills.

When Abraxos flirts with her, she seems pleased.

She participates in the war games and helps Manon secure the title of Wing Leader.

Queen of Shadows

Along with the Thirteen and the other twelve wyverns, she goes to Morath.

Empire of Storms

Kingdom of Ash

During Dorian and the Thirteen’s stay at the abandoned Crochan camp in the western White Fangs, the wyverns huddle around the witches and the king to shield them from the brutal cold. When Dorian slips out of camp, he squeezes between Abraxos and Narene, who are crouched close together.[1]

The following morning, Manon, Asterin, and Sorrel stand in the camp with their wyverns, preparing to move out.[2]

Narene participates in the skirmish with the Yellowlegs at Glennis’s Crochan camp. She, along with the other wyverns, helps bury the dead by shovelling snow over the corpses with her wings.[3][4]

Manon and Asterin deliver a broom to Karsyn, who is on duty by the wyverns. Narene cuddles close to Abraxos, who spreads one of his wings over her. After observing the wyverns, Karsyn determines that Abraxos and Narene are mates, much to Asterin's and Manon’s surprise. She elaborates, noting that Abraxos adores Narene and nuzzles her. Asterin says that the Thirteen are aware that wyverns breed, but that they have not witnessed them doing so out of choice. Karsyn corrects her, saying that the wyverns, despite their connection to Erawan, are indeed able to love, and that Abraxos and Narene have mated for love. After Karsyn leaves, Abraxos shoots Manon and Asterin a look that says, “It took you long enough to figure it out.”[5]

Narene & Asterin.png

Dorian, Manon, and Asterin take Narene with them to scout the Ferian Gap but leave Abraxos behind. Abraxos is unhappy about being separated from his rider and his mate, and expresses this frustration by snarling and yanking on the reins. Narene is visibly uneasy about entering the Gap. Dorian leads Narene into the Ferian Gap to use her as cover, but not before Asterin extracts a promise from him to keep Narene safe. He walks her into the wyvern stables and leaves her there while he scouts. A few hours later, he returns with her to Asterin and Manon. Relieved to see Narene unharmed, Asterin hurries up to her and embraces her; Narene in turn rests her head on Asterin’s back. Asterin sits in Narene’s saddle when she bares her branded abdomen and reaches out to the Ironteeth who might have been similarly abused.[6]

At the end of Kingdom of Ash, Narene crashes into the witch tower and breaks her neck as Asterin jumps into the witch tower and yields.


Despite being bred for war, Narene does not live for violence alone. She is stalwart and devoted to Asterin, even to the point of dying with her. She also exhibits some light-hearted behavior, as demonstrated by her interactions with Abraxos. When Dorian watches over her, she is docile towards him. It is also implied that Narene is a highly intelligent wyvern.

She forms a bond with Abraxos that eventually blossoms into love.

Physical description

Narene has sky-blue scales and cunning eyes.

Powers and abilities

Flight: Like all wyverns, Narene sports wings built for flight.

Intelligence: While wyverns seem to be more intelligent than most non-humanoids, Narene is noted to be “cunning”.

Stealth: Narene has an affinity for scouting and surreptitiousness.


Asterin Blackbeak

Asterin chose Narene to be her mount in Heir of Fire. They soon developed a strong bond and a deep friendship. In Kingdom of Ash, Asterin briefly entrusted Narene to Dorian while she and Manon went scouting; upon reuniting with her, she embraced the wyvern, who in turn rested her head on Asterin’s shoulder and snuffled her hair. Narene proved herself to be unfailingly loyal to Asterin and the Thirteen, as she died along with her rider to defeat the Ironteeth forces.


Though Abraxos began as a lowly bait beast in the fighting pits, he and Narene grew close after Manon chose him as her mount. To her pleasure, he flirted with her during a flight session.

In Kingdom of Ash, they were revealed to be mates. They were seen snuggled up together, and they displayed notable distress when separated from each other. Abraxos was heartbroken when she died.





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