Ms. Cortland pregnant with Sam.

Ms. Cortland was one of the most successful courtesans of Rifthold and mother to Sam Cortland.


Ms. Cortland was beautiful with high cheekbones, brown eyes, and dark hair. Her son, Sam, is said to greatly resemble her. Due to being one of Madame Clarisse's courtesans, her wrist was marked with the brothel's sigil: a snake in midnight ink.


At the age of eight, Ms. Cortland was sold to a brothel where she quickly went from orphan to one of the most successful courtesans of Rifthold. She gave birth to a son, Sam, when she was twenty-two. Six years later, she was murdered by a jealous client, leaving her son to be raised among the assassins under the tutelage of Arobynn Hamel, one of her favorite clients.

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