Mort is a skull-shaped bronze knocker on the door to Gavin Havilliard and Elena Galathynius's tomb. He is sentient because he was animated by old spells, allowing him to speak and think the same way he had for hundreds of years even after magic vanished in Erilea.


Mort is a skull-shaped door knocker fashioned from bronze. He has gleaming metal eyes and a tongue.


About a millenia prior to the events of the Throne of Glass series, Brannon enchanted Mort and placed him on the door to Gavin Havilliard and Elena Galathynius's tomb as a guardian. Mort's life source is old magic; thus, the disappearance of magic from Erilea did not hamper his sentience.

Crown of Midnight

When Celaena Sardothien ventures back into the tomb to search for answers about the King of Adarlan's plans, Mort badly startles Celaena by asking her if she is going to knock. When Celaena regains her wits, she inquires how it is possible for Mort to be able to talk and move, considering the disappearance of magic a decade before. Mort responds that his life source is old magic, which was unaffected by the events ten years prior. He then complains about Celaena causing disturbances over the last few months and tells her that he has been watching. Celaena demands to know whether Elena is there or not, but Mort dances around the question, clearly enjoying playing the smart-alec. Eventually he says that Elena will not be in the tomb tonight, as she needs to regenerate her strength; he also informs Celaena that her struggles are not over and gives her the message the queen dictated to him. He enjoins Celaena to find and destroy the evil, but Celaena gets frustrated and storms out of the tomb.

Mort and Celaena. (Art by SnCinder)

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