Mora was one of the three Fae sister-queens, sister of Maeve and Mab. She was described as a cunning Queen who bore the shape of a great hawk. She is the ancestor of Rowan Whitethorn and the Whitethorn family that take the hawk as their sigil.

She gave away her immortality as a Fae to be with the mortal she loved.


Before the Valg Queen Maeve—and later the three Valg Kings—arrived, Erilea was occupied by the faeries and the Fae. In the immortal lands of Wendlyn and Doranelle, the faeries and Fae were ruled by Mora and her younger sister Mab.

When Maeve reached Erilea and arrived at Wendlyn, she saw that the Fae were ruled by Mora and Mab as Sister-Queens. Unbeknownst to Mora, Maeve ripped into her and Mab's minds, making them believe that they always had an older sister, Maeve. An unknown time later, following Maeve's installment as a fellow Queen of the Fae, the Valg Kings Orcus, Mantyx and Erawan arrived at Wendlyn, searching for their Valg Queen. Mab, Mora and Maeve battled the three Kings each, while their Fae armies dealt with the Valg hoardes. Once the first Valg Wars ended, with Maeve banishing Orcus and Mantyx, peace returned to Erilea.

Some time in Mora's life she founded House Whitethorn and gave birth to at least one pure blooded Fae heir to continue her line. Later she fell in love with a human man and gave up her immortality for him.

Mab fell in love with a human man as well. Naturally Maeve disapproved of their actions, but it has been stated that both sisters simultaneously evaded Maeve's wrath.

Physical description

As Fae, it can be assumed that Mora was unnaturally beautiful and possessed pointed ears and elongated canines. Other than her silver hair, inherited by Rowan and other Whitetorns, no other description of her appearance is known.


Powers and abilities

Mora's magic is never discussed or described in any way, but considering the nature of her descendants' power, she presumably possessed magic that related to the air, alongside her other gifts.

Mora was immortal until she gave it up for her consort, but as a Fae she would have been exceptionally stronger and faster than humans, with better senses.


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