Mistward is located in Wendlyn, it is the fortress that some Demi-Fae, who are not allowed into Doranelle, live in. Near Mistward there is the ruined Sun Goddesses' temple. The fortress is located in the Cambrian Mountains. It's surrounded by a lush, dense forest. As the name implies, Mistward is surrounded by thick mist that helps keep the fortress protected. The fortress was build using stones that were "dark and ancient - hewn from something other than the abundant granite."

Mistward has three towers, an outer retaining wall, and wooden gates. It's described as "little more than a few watchtowers woven together by a large connecting building, splattered with lichen and moss."


Mistward is where Rowan takes Aelin after finding her in Varese. Aelin meets Maeve there and is told how she can’t go to Doranelle until she reaches a certain level of training at Mistward with Rowan. Rowan assigns Aelin to work in the kitchens in the morning and then to train with him in the afternoons.

Later on, Rowan and Aelin find out about the Valg and try to attack them. A few days later the Valg attack Mistward and Aelin fights them with the Demi-Fae and Rowan, ultimately winning the battle.

Remelle, Benson, and Essar stop at Mistward on their way to Doranelle. After several tense days, Remelle finally came in conflict with Aelin, and, after a flaming confrontation, the three Fae left for Doranelle.


Mistward is guarded by Wyrdstones. The Wyrdstones are carved into towering rock megaliths woven between the trees. There is also a network of tunnels that can be used to attack an enemy outside of the fortress.

Notable residents

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