Melisande is the smallest country in Erilea, located west of Fenharrow and south of the White Fang Mountains, it's bordered by near-impassable mountains and Oakwald Forest.

It was once ruled by a monarchy, its queen was known for her ambition after having given her crown over to the King of Adarlan to spare her people and then allying with Morath to spare her country from the Valg.

The country was known for its tinkerers; for clever hands that created clever little devices. Clockwork so fine you could swear it was alive, musical instruments so clear and lovely they could shatter your heart, toys so charming you’d believe magic hadn’t vanished from the continent.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family of Melisande was supposedly wiped out when Adarlan conquered the kingdom, prior to the events of the series, leaving only their Queen as a figurehead under the rule of Adarlan.

In Heir of Fire Aelin remembers a time from her childhood, before the fall of Melisande, when an emissary from Melisande arrived to supposedly discuss an alliance with Terrasen. In actual fact, he was sent to spy on Aelin.

Melisande had a young queen on its throne, and she wanted to assess the threat she might face from the heir of Terrasen one day. Wanted to know if Aelin Galathynius would become a weapon of war.

–A young Aelin's thoughts - Heir of Fire

Melisande's Queen is once again mentioned in Empire of Storms. She is said to have allied with Adarlan and Morath using whatever charm she could to keep the Valg from her land.

Recent Events

In Empire of Storms, it is revealed that the Queen of Melisande has allied with Adarlan against Aelin and Terrasen. She is said to have allowed Morath and Adarlanian soldiers to travel through her kingdom and also hides part of Adarlan's fleet in her ports.

Melisande is subsequently subdued when Ansel of Briarcliff leads her army to the kingdom and the Queen, believing the army is there to offer aid, lets them in. Ansel's army pillages Melisande easily due to their troops being spread so thin. The Queen is forced to yield, and Ansel has the flag of Terrasen installed in the Queen's own house alongside her own flag of Briarcliff.

As of Empire of Storms Melisande's armada and capital are under Terrasen's control.


  • It is mentioned in Crown of Midnight that Melisande has its own language.
    • They are also revealed to have their own song.
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