Tell my Elide that I love her very much.

–Marion's last words to Aelin

Marion Lochan was the wife of Cal Lochan, mother of Elide, and the former Lady of Perranth. She was a close friend of Rhoe and Evalin Galathynius.


Marion had been a laundress in the palace from her childhood. But when Evalin—Rhoe Galathynius's new wife—arrived, her and Marion became friends, mostly because the princess had stained her new husband’s favorite shirt with ink and wanted to get it cleaned before he noticed. Evalin soon made Marion her lady-in-waiting. Marion also served as Aelin's nursemaid.

Soon afterwards, Cal Lochan, the Lord of Perranth, returned to the palace from a rotation on the southern border. Cal developed feelings for her, and began frequenting the laundry room to supposedly ask her for help in getting stains out of his clothes. He began giving her gifts, the first of which was an ivory comb. Eventually he proposed to her, and Marion became his wife and Lady of Perranth. She had Elide two years later.

Eight years later, when the royal family was killed, it was Marion who discovered Aelin with her parents' bodies. Marion took her away and washed off the blood, and the two waited for someone to come help them. Instead, an assassin attempted to kill Aelin. Marion held him off while Aelin ran away, and managed to distract him long enough for her to escape. The man quickly overpowered Marion and killed her.

Personality traits

Marion was a kind and caring person, perfect for the role of a nursemaid. She loved her husband very much, and coddled her daughter endlessly. She was also an incredibly brave woman who was willing to sacrifice herself to give Aelin a chance to get away, standing up to a towering warrior with two daggers that her husband had taught her to use.

Physical description

Marion was described as being small and delicately boned with white as snow features and blood red lips. Marion was known to wear daggers on her legs under her dresses.

It's said that her daughter Elide resembles her very much. Due to this fact it's likely that she had Elide's same dark hair and eyes.



  • Despite Marion’s witch ancestry, her blood was red. This indicates that her witch ancestry was not a close relation.
  • Marion was named Marnaia in Queen of Glass.
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