Marion and Cal Lochan. (Art by ilaleveque)

Marion Lochan was the wife of Cal Lochan and mother of Elide making her the former Lady of Perranth. A close friend of Rhoe and Evalin Galathynius, she was a member of the Royal Court of Terrasen and served as Aelin Ashryver Galathynius's nursemaid.

She was killed prior to the series while helping Princess Aelin escape the Galathynius country manor.

In Queen of Shadows, it is revealed that she had witch blood.


Marion was described as being small and delicately boned with white as snow features and blood red lips. Marion was known to wear daggers on her legs under her dresses.

It's said that her daughter Elide resembles her very much. Due to this fact it's likely that she had Elide's same dark hair and eyes.


Marion was a kind a caring person, perfect for the role of a nursemaid. She had loved her husband and daughter so much, she coddled her own daughter endlessly. She was also an incredibly brave woman willing to sacrifice herself to Aelin a chance to get away. Standing up to a towering warrior with two daggers that her husband had taught her to use.


Marion had been a laundress in the palace from her childhood. But when Evalin arrived, they had become friends – mostly because the princess had stained her new husband’s favourite shirt with ink and wanted to get it cleaned before he noticed.

Evalin soon made Marion her lady-in-waiting, and then Lord Lochan had returned from a rotation on the southern border. Handsome Cal Lochan, who somehow became the dirtiest man in the castle and constantly needed Marion’s advice on how to remove various stains. Who one day asked a bastard-born servant to be his wife – and not just wife, but Lady of Perranth, the second largest territory in Terrasen. Two years later, she had borne him Elide, heir of Perranth.

The night that Rhoe and Evalin Galathynius were murdered it was Marion that got Aelin, lifted her away from her parent’s corpses. Marion bathed and cleaned Aelin before wrapping her in a blanket next to a hearth fire, the two of them waiting for Lord Lochan or anyone. When an assassin came to kill Aelin and finish what had begun, Marion forced Aelin to run, she told Aelin that she was going to buy her time and no matter what she heard or what she saw she could not stop, Marion sacrificed herself so that Aelin could get away. The last words she said to Aelin were, “Tell my Elide that I love her very much.”

Marion stood before a hooded, towering man, her daggers out but trembling. “You will not find her.” Marion blocked the door that Aelin had escaped out of and in rage and disgust she bellowed, “She is a child.” The man lunged for Marion, but she darted out of the way – and then leapt on him, slicing and tearing and biting before he killed her.


  • Despite Marion’s witch ancestry, her blood was red.
  • Marion was named Marnaia in Queen of Glass