Mantyx is one of the three Valg Kings and the middle brother to Erawan and Orcus.


3000 years ago, Mantyx and his brothers started a war on the world they wished to conquer. This war lasted for 1000 years and ended with the Valg Kings conquering the world, reducing it to ash and darkness where their many children could rule beside them. They ruled for a thousand years before a Valg Queen appeared: Maeve. The brothers came to desire her and courted her, but ultimately she chose to marry Orcus as he was the eldest and most powerful.[1]

Eventually, Maeve grew bored with her life, so she found a way to travel between worlds through Wyrdgates and escaped to Erilea with the Stygian Spiders, her handmaidens, while the brothers were together. Furious about her disappearance, Orcus, Mantyx's brother, found out how she left and carved three slivers from the Wyrdgate she'd used; these were the Wyrdkeys. Orcus distributed them to his brothers, including Mantyx. Together, with his brother and their armies, they travelled to different worlds, looking for Maeve. They eventually came across Erilea and began their war of conquest.

However, Maeve did not want to return to the Valg realm. She disguised herself as a Fae and procured the Fae armies through deception; they defended her against the Valg and the brothers didn't even recognise her.

Maeve learned of the Wyrdkeys and used her knowledge of the Valg armies to infiltrate their camp and steal them. She used them to send Mantyx and her husband, Orcus, back to their world, but Brannon Galathynius took them from her before she succeeded in banishing Erawan. Mantyx's youngest brother was later sealed away in Morath after waging a second war to retrieve the Wyrdkeys and bring his beloved brothers back to Erilea.


As with all Valg, Mantyx is cruel and sadistic and delights in torturing others.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality: As Valg royalty, Mantyx possesses true immortality that allows him to live for millennia without fading as the Fae do.
  • Umbrakinesis: Mantyx presumably possesses the ability to manipulate darkness and shadows as Erawan does, though possibly to a higher degree.
  • Mind Manipulation: Mantyx may possess the ability to alter people's minds and memories as Maeve can.


  • Tower of Dawn (mentioned only)


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