Manon Crochan-Blackbeak is a half Ironteeth, half Crochan witch, and one of the main protagonists of the series. She is the former heir of the Blackbeak Witch-Clan and the last Crochan Queen.


Rough Beginnings

116 years before meeting Aelin Galathynius, Manon's mother Lothian Blackbeak and Tristan Crochan fell in love with one another, and Lothian became pregnant with Manon. During labor, Lothian revealed Manon's parentage to Mother Blackbeak, saying that she believed that Manon's mixed blood could be the key to breaking the curse on the Ironteeth. Manon was told that her mother died birthing her; in reality, Mother Blackbeak killed her own daughter after Manon was born. Tristan never ceased loving Lothian and his daughter, and he continued to diligently search for them. Mother Blackbeak tracked him down; she taunted him, informing him that she had killed his lover and that she would turn Manon into a monster before slaughtering him. Rhiannon, Manon's paternal half-sister, assumed the search in her father's stead.

As eyes flecked with gold have been considered a lucky trait among the Blackbeak Clan, Mother Blackbeak, after seeing the child had eyes of pure gold, took Manon away from her mother's still-cooling corpse and proclaimed her the heir to the Clan.

Mother Blackbeak forced Manon to kill her half-sister Rhiannon, a young Crochan, whose red cape she took as a trophy. She wore this cape and it made her stand out from the rest because no other would risk enraging the matron by wearing the cloak of their enemy.

Heir of Fire

Manon lives undercover as a Crochan witch in a village in Fenharrow in the hopes of flushing out the real Crochans. One night, three villagers enter her cottage uninvited. They rummage around her house, searching for valuables and calling for her to come out, though Manon knows they just wanted to steal from her and then kill her because the people of the village are afraid of her. When two of the men exit Manon's room, she slips out of the dresser in which she hid, sneaks up behind the lone man, and disembowels him. A second man walks in on Manon drinking the first man's blood and runs, but Manon quickly catches and kills him. When the third realizes that his friends are dead, he flees into the field by the cottage; Manon tracks him and murders him as well.[1]

Manon then rejoins the other Blackbeaks and goes to the Ferian Gap, where they are to select the wyvern they will use in battle. All three tribes are there, and Manon develops a rivalry with the Yellowlegs heir, Iskra. She shows interest in the best wyvern, Titus.

When the clans are to choose their mounts, Iskra shoves Manon into the training pit where the Wyverns are showing off their qualities. Manon is immediately attacked by the vicious bull, Titus. She senses that the bait wyvern being used for Titus to attack wants a shot at him, and, after slicing the smaller wyvern free and killing Titus with its help, Manon claims the bait beast as her mount. She names it Abraxos, after the Three Headed Goddess' pet whose coils were wrapped around the earth. Iskra ends up getting Fendir, whom she later uses to kill Petrah Blueblood's wyvern Keelie.[1]

Queen of Shadows

After winning the title of Wing Leader, Manon is sent to Morath to assist Duke Perrington. The Duke sends Manon on various tasks, but primarily demands that he be given a clan of Blackbeak witches to breed with the Valg.[2]

Manon later finds a girl named Elide who she discovers has Blackbeak blood in her veins. She uses her to spy on the experiments that Erawan has been doing on the Yellowlegs witches. She also meets Dorian Havilliard while he is under the influence of the Valg and manages to make him remember his name.

Later, when Aelin and her court come to free Lysandra, Manon pursues the rescue party and fights Aelin. The duel between the two ends in Manon almost dying and Aelin saving her, leaving her with a life debt towards Aelin and her court.

Manon's disgust at the witches being experimented on in Morath grows even more as she realizes that her grandmother knows what is happening and appears happy to let it continue. Upon returning from the fight with Aelin, Asterin tells her the story of how she birthed a stillborn witchling and Manon's grandmother branded her with 'unclean' on her abdomen and cast her out to die whilst Manon was away on a mission. Manon falls to her knees in horror, and appears to realize that she must not align herself and her Thirteen with her grandmother, and Erawan. Before returning to Morath she and Asterin fly to Rifthold to fulfill the life debt to Aelin by leaving coded messages written in Valg blood informing the queen that Dorian still has some human inside of him.

Later, she rescues Elide from the Valg and takes her away from Morath, witnessing the sacrifice of Kaltain Rompier. She informs Elide that her queen is still alive and that she should join her. She then tells Elide that now that war has started, Elide should pray to never see her again. Elide answers that, despite that, she hopes they do meet again. She then leaves Elide in Oakwald.[2]

Empire of Storms

After leaving Elide in Oakwald she returns to Morath where she and the other witches are sent on a mission to take control of Rifthold and kill the new king Dorian Havilliard, with instruction to destroy the wall of glass Aelin left around the city. However, Manon does not plan to allow Dorian to die and goes to help him escape, but by the time she arrives a Yellowlegs witch is already there and about to kill him. Manon kills the witch, Iskra's second, and tells Dorian to run. Before he can escape four more Yellowlegs witches arrive but they are killed by Rowan Whitethorn who comes to rescue the king. Dorian stops Rowan from suffocating the air from Manon's lungs and killing her in repayment for her efforts to save his life.

Upon returning to Morath, Manon and her Thirteen quickly realize that Iskra has called a trial with all three of the witch clan leaders for the killing of her second and Manon lies, stating that the Yellowlegs witch tried to take her kill of the king, and ultimately enabling his escape whilst she dealt with the Yellowlegs witch. Manon is saved by Petrah, the heir to the Blueblood clan, a repayment of the life debt owed to Manon for saving her life as Iskra tried to kill her earlier in the series. However, Manon's grandmother takes the opportunity to demand that Manon's own second, Asterin must be killed in payment for the death of the Yellowlegs second.

The next morning as the witch killing ceremony starts, Manon is enraged as she realizes that Asterin has been beaten and whipped by Iskra the night before, and claims the right to kill her own second to save her from a slow and torturous death at the hands of all the other witches. As she steps up to behead her cousin she turns to her Thirteen, who give her the hand gesture of respect not of a wing leader, but of a witch queen. Muttering ripples through the crowd and Manon knows that she cannot allow this death to happen, she screams at them to run, and whirls to kill her grandmother instead.

Manon believes that she will die against the skill of her grandmother, but fights long enough to give her Thirteen a chance to escape. Whilst fighting her grandmother reveals her parentage and Manon realizes she is the last Crochan Queen, as her grandmother rips open her stomach with her iron nails and Manon falls from a cliff edge. She is rescued by Abraxos who flies her away from Morath, but she is separated from her Thirteen, not knowing if they all escaped.

Floating in and out of consciousness and surely close to death Manon is confronted by a creature sent from Morath, she manages to fight her way out and escape but barely, and the wounds on her stomach rip back open as Abraxos flies her away, almost unconscious again as she tells him to find somewhere safe.

Manon wakes some time later chained to a bed in a ship cabin, and realizes that Abraxos has taken her to the ship sailed by Aelin, Dorian, and their companions. Aelin removes shards of iron from her stomach and heals her wounds and Manon tells her of Elide. Aelin slaps Manon for leaving Elide in Oakwald instead of flying her all the way home.

She has an encounter with Dorian through the night in which he tempts her and then leaves, enraging the witch. But Dorian takes pity on her and argues with Aelin to allow her to be unchained from the cabin. As they arrive to release her from her chains Fenrys follow them into the room but Manon is instantly suspicious, insisting that he is not who they think, and Fenrys lunges for Manon, changing into the creature that attacked her after she escaped from Morath. Between Rowan and Dorian's magical powers they stop the creature from attacking her and kill it, but not before it reveals that she is the last Crochan Queen.

Suddenly Abraxos can be heard roaring on deck and as Manon runs to him, the ship is attacked by a group of Ilken. Once they are killed they seem to realize that if Manon has not yet tried to attack them or flee, she will not, and they do not chain or lock her up again.

Manon seems to develop an irritable but understanding relationship with Aelin, of whom she does not particularly get along with but is not scared to challenge her like the others seem to be, and will not bow to her authority over her. Whilst finding this annoying, Aelin seems to have a cold respect for her for it, and Dorian acknowledges while watching them bicker that he is watching not one queen, but two.

Manon travels with Aelin and her companions to find a lock, but is surprised to realise they have in fact stumbled across a witch mirror. They transport it back to the ship, where Ansel of Briarcliffe, queen of the wastes is waiting for them, summoned by Aelin. Manon is enraged that a human is calling herself queen of the wastes. Aelin later asks Manon to go and find the rest of the Crochan witches and unite them under her leadership and fight with her against the iron teeth witches, and as payment she and Ansel would give Manon and her witches part of the wastes back. Manon initially refuses. 

Dorian realises that Manon and Aelin must unite to use the witch glass and they both enter the glass on the morning of the battle against Maeve's armada. Manon is with Aelin as she learns her true fate and watches on as they both realize that Aelin must die to save the world, and Manon offers her comfort in the only way she knows how - by standing close to her in a show of solidarity.

When they return they are on the beach and confronted by Maeve, who is holding Elide hostage. Aelin slips Manon the keys and warns her with eye signals to get Elide and take her away somewhere safe. Manon manages to convince Maeve that she is not interested in the interaction and with her claim on Elide due to her witch blood, she is able to retrieve Elide from Maeve, and take her away across the sand dunes to watch from afar.

Once Maeve takes Aelin, Manon returns across the dunes with Elide and apologises for not being able to help Aelin, but reveals Aelin had given her the wordkeys, and that was why she could not interfere, so Maeve did not realize Aelin did not still have them.

She is finally reunited with her Thirteen after Abraxos finds them and brings them back to her, and on the beach she asks them if they heard the truth about her heritage, and if they will still follow her. Asterin tells her that they will still follow her and once again give her the hand gesture of a queen. Manon declares that they must become better than their foremothers and leaves with Dorian and her Thirteen with the promise to find and return with the Crochans to fight with them once Rowan, Gavriel, Lorcan and Elide have retrieved Aelin and fight for her.

Kingdom of Ash

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Manon is seen hunting the Chrochan witches with her Thirteen and Dorian Havilliard to make them join them to battle for Terrasen. They come across a Stygian Spider named Cyrene—the same one that took the 20 years from Falkan and a little bit of his shifter ability.

She discovers that Dorian was planning to go to Morath to retrieve the third Wyrd Key and in a challenge Manon tells him that the Thirteen were going to the Ferian Gap at dawn to convince Petrah Bluebood to go to war for Terrasen. Later, in a last attempt to make him stay she poses an alliance (marriage) between them.

The Crochans aren't convinced and prepare to fly to Eyllewe, and Manon prepare her Thirteen to part ways with the Crochans. However, soon the three Ironteeth Matrons show up on their wyverns, alone. The Blackbeak Matron first taunts Manon, then tries to attack her with the other Matrons, but Manon successfully holds her ground and eventually beheads the Yellowlegs Matron with a sword given to her by Bronwen. Manon then claims the crown of stars and attacks her grandmother, who flees.

Manon is finally regarded as the Queen of Crochans, and spreads the Flame of War (a call to war) to call all the surviving Crochans to fly to Terrasen to aid the remaining armies against Morath.

She arrives just in time to combat the Ironteeth legions with five thousand Crochans, and the battle ensues. When Manon discovers that some Valg are trying to infiltrate Orynth through the secret water passages underneath, she gathers her Thirteen to stop them, only to be attacked by Iskra Yellowlegs. The battle ends with Manon winning only due to Petrah Blueblood intervening and sending Iskra and her wyvern plummeting to their death. Abraxos, heavily injured by Iskra's bull wyvern, and Manon retreat to the castle after thwarting the Valg's attempt. She is unable to help as her Thirteen race ahead to sacrifice themselves by performing the Yielding in order to bring down the final witch tower before it can destroy the castle.

After the Thirteen die, Manon is very distraught and quiet. After the war ends, Manon is leaving for the Wastes as Queen of the Crochans, but Dorian offers her a place with him in Rifthold for when she finishes establishing the fallen Witch Kingdom. She seems to accept, and her relationship with Dorian is assumed to end well.

Personality and traits

Manon is often cruel and ruthless, yet cunning and resourceful. She can be cold, heartless, uncaring, and icy, but after she meets Elide Lochan she begins to question her beliefs, wondering if she has to be a monster. She begins to see hope and love in the world and begins to see that she was not born heartless and cruel but with a heart and emotions. She is slowly growing into a witch with emotions to challenge the others who think that they do not.

Manon also forms a relationship with Dorian Havilliard in Queen of Shadows and throughout Empire of Storms which strengthens her emotion and makes her see more love in the world.

She is loyal to the Thirteen and shares an affectionate relationship with Elide.

Physical description

He’d never seen anyone so beautiful.

Dorian Havilliard - Queen of Shadows

Manon is a beautiful witch with long, moon-white hair and eyes the color of burnt gold, as well as distinct traits for the Ironteeth—a set of retractable iron fangs and nails. After meeting her, both Dorian and Aelin say she is the most beautiful woman they have ever seen.

Before magic disappeared from Erilea, Manon looked no older than sixteen; however, ten years since the magic vanished and the aging process started, she looks to be in her mid-twenties.

Skills and Abilities

  • Immortality: Through magic, Manon can maintain a youthful appearance and prevent physical aging.
  • Ironteeth physiology: As an Ironteeth witch Manon possesses sharp, retractable iron teeth and claws.
  • Magic: Manon has inherent magical power that could be released in the form of the Yielding.[3]
  • Flight: Manon is capable of flight through riding her wyvern, Abraxos.
  • Combat: Manon is proficient in combat using her Ironteeth weapons and traditional weaponry.


Manon is the rider of Abraxos, a wyvern. They became allies when Manon was thrown into the pit and, seeing a warrior in him, she chose him as hers as he had chosen her as his. They become fond of each other, and form a strong bond.

Asterin is Manon's second cousin and closest friend, who has been protecting her for around a century. After angering Mother Blackbeak, Asterin is to be punished by death but Manon allows her to run instead by attacking by her grandmother. It's revealed there is a bond/connection between Asterin and Manon.

Manon, not knowing why she cares, visits Dorian after asking Asterin about love, hinting a future romance between the two. The two meet again in Empire of Storms and continue to tease each other, leading into a romance between the two. After a few weeks of teasing, romance, and kissing, Dorian walks into Manon's room and the two begin a physical relationship. During Kingdom of Ash the two have sex often, but don't admit their true feelings towards each other. Yrene Towers suggests they marry so they can stop pretending. To this Manon only says: 'We'll see.' They went their separate ways at the end of the book, but with the promise of visits.

Manon develops some affection for Elide and ultimately rescues her, with help from Kaltain Rompier, from being implanted with a Valg child. Manon actually smiles at Elide before they set off to different places.



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  • Manon enjoys the sound of the wind and the groans of men dying.
  • Manon owns a sword named Wind-cleaver.
  • She once bedded a young Fae warrior, then she fought with him until he was left in pieces.
  • She has the "eyes of the Valg Kings," which are shown to terrify ordinary Valg.


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