Magic is a supernatural gift or talent existing throughout the world. It is typically passed down through bloodlines and these powers can become a defining trait of individuals.

Magic exists in many different forms:

Elemental Magic:

Magic that involves the manipulation of one or more of the naturally occurring elements. This is one of the more common types of magic.


Conjure and use fire as a weapon, resulting in blasts or singing enemies. Can burn enemies from the inside out. Fire wielders can also extinguish fire, as Aelin did when she first met Darrow in Terrasen. Can be used to burn Valg demons out of their hosts, but will typically kill the host as well. True fire wielders can also create flames that will burn without heating the surroundings.

Notable Users:


Ability to manipulate water, with uses such as whips and snares to trap sea creatures, in addition to agricultural uses. Also lends itself to healing others.

Notable Users:


Able to manipulate natural foliage.

Notable Users:

Wind and Ice:

Able to conjure ice, including hurling hail-sized ice at enemies, encasing them in ice or shielding using ice.

Wind enables control of the air currents, such as using it to propel flying creatures or ships, knock enemies over or choke the air out of their lungs.

Notable Users:


Raw magic grants the user to summon any type of magic, including elemental abilities, shape-shifting, heightened senses, speed and strength, as well as healing. Another application is hands that the user can control an invisible set of hands that have increased strength and normal sensations, though this is a rare ability.

Notable Users:


Shape-shifting gives the wielder the ability to take any animal form. The size of animal depends on the strength of the magic. Shape-shifters are feared throughout the world due to their inherent stealth and danger, and as a result are often either hunted down or recruited as spies.

Notable Users:


Able to slip between folds in the world, however at a short range and only a few times before the wielder is drained.

Notable Users:

Will and Death

An ability bestowed by the dark god Hellas, the wielder can sense the presence of death and the magic is apt for killing. Can also give shielding.

Notable Users:


An ability granted by Silba, goddess of healing. Healing can also be found in Fire and Water, but a pure healing gift is adept at healing wounds of body and soul. It can also purge a Valg demon from its host, leaving the host intact.

Silba also blessed a ring that granted immunity from the Valg and Wyrdstone.

Notable Users:


Magic dates back to ancient times, but in the past ten years the King of Adarlan conquered the northern continent and banned magic, using a spell to freeze powers and hunting down all magic wielders.

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