Maddy was the friend of Ansel of Briarcliff who was eaten and killed by Ironteeth Witches during her childhood. She is mentioned in The Assassin's Blade, or more specifically The Assassin and the Desert.

Ansel, her sister, and Maddy had visited an old, ruined watchtower after a stable boy said that people could see into another world by looking through the archway on Summer Solstice. Ansel hid behind a rock when Maddy and Ansel's older sister walked closer to the watchtower, Ansel heard screams coming from where Ansel and Maddy were moments later. Running back to their home, Ansel's older sister explained that Maddy was dragged into the watchtower by an old woman with iron teeth. The next morning, the only thing that remained of Maddy was her bones, picked clean, and put aside.

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