Lothian Blackbeak was an Ironteeth Witch of the Blackbeak Clan, the daughter of the Blackbeak Matron, and the mother of Manon.


Lothian does not physically appear in the novels, nor is her physical appearance described. Nonetheless it can be assumed that, as an Ironteeth Witch, she was very beautiful and youthful and had retractable iron teeth and nails.


More than one hundred sixteen years prior to the events of the series Lothian met and fell in love with Tristan a rare-born Crochan Prince. As a result of this relationship, Lothian became pregnant with Manon. During labor Lothian confessed to Mother Blackbeak that a Crochan Prince was Manon's father, adding that she believed Manon's mixed blood would be the key to breaking the curse on the Ironteeth Witches.[1] Mother Blackbeak proceeded to kill her daughter for her supposed weakness and for loving the Crochan Prince.[2] Manon, however, grew up believing that her mother died birthing her.[3]

Tristan meanwhile never ceased to love Lothian and their daughter. He diligently searched for them but unfortunately this attracted Mother Blackbeak's attention. She hunted him down and taunted him by revealing that she killed Lothian and by telling him that she would turn Manon into a monster; then she killed him.[4]


Tristan Crochan

Lothian loved the Crochan Prince, and he loved her deeply in return. When they learned that Lothian was pregnant with Manon, they hoped that she would serve to unite their peoples and end the war between them. Until the moment of his death, Tristan continued to search for his lover and their child.

Mother Blackbeak

Mother Blackbeak's relationship with her daughter was most likely strained, as evidenced by her callous murder of Lothian after Manon's birth. The Matron has expressed a disgust for Lothian's so-called weakness and has called her "pathetic".

Manon Blackbeak

Lothian had high hopes for Manon, believing her child to be the curse-breaker of the Ironteeth Witch by merit of her mixed blood. Sadly, Lothian was murdered before she could truly get to know Manon.


"When you were a witchling, your father searched the lands for you. He never stopped loving your mother. Loving her."

- Mother Blackbeak to Manon Blackbeak (Empire of Storms, page 168)

"As pathetic as your mother. Perhaps you'll die like her, too - with my teeth at your throat."

- Mother Blackbeak to Manon Blackbeak (Empire of Storms, page 166)


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