Lord Berick is the ruler of the city of Xandria in addition to claiming the Red Desert section that houses The Silent Assassins, causing conflict between the two.

When Lord Berick failed to send troops to crush a rebellion in Eyllwe, the King of Adarlan placed an embargo on the Red Desert, crippling the trade economy of Xandria. He hopes that by eliminating The Silent Assassins and executing The Mute Master that he gain prestige and find redemption from the King. Tactics include:

  • Sending asps in baskets
  • Soldiers posed as foreign dignitaries
  • Troops in the night with flaming arrows
  • Burrowing under the fortress walls

As a means of negotiation, The Mute Master sends Ansel of Briarcliff as a dignitary to parlay on his behalf.

The Assassin and the Desert

On Celaena's fifth day at the fortress of The Silent Assassins, Lord Berick sends a troop of thirty men in the night to attack the assassins. However, they are quickly spotted and are forced to retreat after the assassins encircle the fortress in flames.

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