Lithaen is a former lover of Chaol Westfall who served as a maid to a lady of the Glass Castle three years before Celaena's arrival.


Lithaen had a romantic relationship with Chaol, but she cheated on him with Roland Havilliard for unspecified reasons, though Chaol believes it was due to Roland's social status. Chaol found her in bed with Roland, and as a result, his relationship with her ended. She then moved to Meah with Roland.[1]


Chaol Westfall

Before knowing Celaena, Chaol had an affair with Lithaen. Chaol loved her, and he believed she loved him. Because of this, he was devastated after discovering that she had slept with Roland, Dorian Havilliard's cousin.

Roland Havilliard

For reasons unknown, Roland discovered the relationship between Chaol and Lithaen and convinced her to go to bed with him. It is not known if she was in love with the lord, if she was blackmailed, or if she did it of her own free will. After her breakup with Chaol, she decided to move to Meah with Roland. It is not known what happened to her afterwards, but when Roland returns to Rifthold, he makes no mention of her.


  • In the original story, Queen of Glass, Lithaen served as the cover name for Celaena Sardothien.


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