Lani is a Goddess of Dreams mentioned in the second novella, Crown of Midnight. She is worshipped by a group of white-haired priestesses.


The Gods could originally exist in multiple places at once and travel across worlds. However, they were trapped in Erilea after wandering through a Wyrdgate. After Mala Fire-Bringer created the Lock and died, she became a god once again, and the gods struck a bargain with Brannon to use the Lock to seal the Wyrdkeys and send them back. They would take Erawan with them, and destroy him in their realm. However, Elena stole the Lock, using it only to contain Erawan. As a consequence, Elena was forced by the Gods to remain as a spirit for millennia, and help one of her descendants forge a new lock. However, that would require the person to die. That person was revealed to be Aelin Galathynius.

Powers & Abilities

  • Omnipresence
  • Immortality
  • Control over dreams
  • Shapeshifting
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