Kyllian is one of the commanders of the Bane, the legion led by Aedion Ashryver.


About Kyllian himself very little is known. He is quite young for his high rank and is a bit reckless but still an experienced and loyal warrior.

Kingdom of Ash

b After Lord Darrow demotes Aedion, he declares Kyllian general of the Bane. But Kyllian remains loyal to his general and friend, passing along reports and correspondence and refusing to make decisions without him. He not only refused to make any calls without Aedion's approval, he also refused to don armor fitting of his rank and refused to tale the war tent.

Physical Description

Kyllian is described as having a darker shade of skin than Aedion and long, dark brown hair, with brown eyes. Lysandra mentions his good looking features and bright grin.[1]



  • In Kingdom of Ash Kyllian is introduced as Aedion's Second in Command and a good friend of his. They know each other quite well, therefore rumors have spread that Kyllian might be Aedion Ashryver's former lover.


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