The kingsflame is a flower that grows in Terrasen. It is said to come from the power of Brannon Galathynius, and it only blooms in the reign of a good king, when the realm is truly at peace.


The kingsflame is a small, red-gold flower that appears to be made out of solid fire.


When Brannon Galathynius set foot in Terrasen after leaving Wendlyn, the kingsflame bloomed all across Terrasen. Since then, it has been held that it only blooms in the presence of a good king and during times of peace.

A single kingsflame bloomed during the reign of Orlon Galathynius, proving that he was a good king to his people and that his reign was peaceful. Orlon plucked it and preserved it in glass. After the Fall of Terrasen, it was the only artifact of Terrasen that Weylan Darrow was able to save from destruction.

Kingdom of Ash

When Aelin Galathynius was crowned queen, the kingsflame bloomed all over the land as it did for Brannon.



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