The Khaganate is the name given to the dynasty of rulers, known as khagans, that have ruled the Southern Continent for nearly three hundred years.


The Khaganate originated from the nomadic horse-people that roamed the grasslands in the eastern part of the Southern Continent. The Khaganate was formed when the first khagan, a warlord, unified the scattered tribes of the steppes and formed an army that conquered the Southern Continent to establish an empire.[1]


Over the course of three centuries, various khagans have added new territories to the Khaganate empire and expanded the reach of the dynasty. The Khaganate established Antica as their capital city and seat of power, building their palace upon the ruins of the queen who ruled two generations before them.[1]

As a means of preventing civil war within the Khaganate, the empire adopted and accepted many foreign gods, though cities such as Antica primarily worship a pantheon of thirty-six.

Since taking over the Southern Continent, the Khaganate has added and done away with many policies, most notably slavery. As a result, there are no slaves in Antica, only well-paid servants who are protected by the royal family from abuse and misuse.[1]

Many view the khagan as a living myth. He's as much a deity as the thirty-six gods of the empire.


Succession in the Khaganate is determined by worth, rather than age. A khagan traditionally has many children at a time, to provide a wider pool to choose from. Over the course of their lives, the khagan's children compete to show their worth and impress their khagan, who selects one of them at the end of their life based on their strength, cunning, and vision.[1]

Following the new khagan's succession, they immediately wipe out all threats to their throne, namely their siblings and their sibling's children. The new khagan either kills their siblings or has them swear loyalty to their new ruler, in which case they undergo a procedure at the Torre Cesme to render them infertile.

This method, while harsh, has kept the Khaganate strong as it prevents useless battles for the throne and avoids conflict as a result of an unclear succession. However, the knowledge that their siblings might one day grow to kill them puts strain on the relationships between a khagan's children, and prevents true love or trust from forming. In fact, rivalry amongst the royal children is practically a blood sport. Additionally, khagans may not seek a relationship with their children, knowing that all but one may die one day as a result of their choice.[1] All of this is designed to prove who is the strongest, the wisest, the most suited to rule.

Law requires the khagan to have a sealed document locked away in an unmarked, hidden trove. This document lists his or her Heir, should death happen before it can be formally announced. This document can be altered at any time. It's purpose is to avoid the one thing the khaganate has lived in fear of since the beginning of the empire, collapse from civil war.


The Khaganate has one of the greatest militaries in the world, being able to conquer entire continents.

They have a massive cavalry, called the Darghan Cavalry, who are considered the best in the world.

They also have an air force in the Rukhin, and use them to great effect.


  • The first khagan unites the tribes and conquers the continent. The Khaganate is established.
  • Two hundred years later, the seventh khagan eats and drinks himself to death. He orders a new throne built in the palace to accommodate his girth, and later has a heart attack on the throne, though he fortunately names his heir before he dies.
  • Around fifty years later, Urus's mother, considered a visionary, outlaws slavery as one of many improvements to the Empire. She frees her slaves and keeps them on as paid servants.

Notable Members


  • The Khaganate is not a patriarchal system; both men and women can become khagan.
  • An unknown khagan decreed that every child, no matter how poor or rich, had the right to attend school free of charge. As a result, nearly everyone in the empire is literate.[1]
  • The current throne is made of ivory, and is newer and wider that the old one. It was made 100 years ago when the seventh khagan got rid of the old one because his large frame didn't fit in it.[2]


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