Keelie was Petrah Blueblood's wyvern.


Keelie was a massive female wyvern, being nearly Titus's size.


Though she was vicious in the fighting pit, Keelie exhibited deep loyalty to her rider, Petrah, and loved her dearly - traits that made her willing to sacrifice herself for Petrah's safety. She also manifested compassion, as she appeared to attempt to be friendly with Abraxos.


Heir of Fire

Keelie first appears in the fighting pit, attacking the bait beast (who would later be named Abraxos). Petrah Blueblood selects her as her wyvern.

While Manon and Asterin are visiting Abraxos in his pen, Petrah and her second arrive bearing an offering of goat meat. Petrah claims that Keelie caught a goat and wished to share her catch with Abraxos. When Manon snaps that wyverns do not talk, Petrah replies, "Don't they?" and departs, leaving the meat in the pen.

During the War Games, Iskra Yellowlegs orders her wyvern, Fendir, to kill Keelie. Fendir mercilessly brutalizes Keelie, mortally wounding her. Iskra then commands Fendir to release the other wyvern, who begins falling. Keelie strains to slow the fall for Petrah's sake. Manon and Abraxos dive down after Petrah and Keelie. Abraxos roars at her, and Keelie levels herself so that Manon can jump onto her back to retrieve the unconscious Petrah. Manon thanks Keelie before leaping into the air with Petrah in her arms to be caught by Abraxos. Keelie ultimately falls to her death.


Petrah Blueblood

Keelie and Petrah developed a deep bond. Petrah implied that the two could even speak to one another. The wyvern was fully devoted to her rider and was willing to die for her. When Fendir - under Iskra's orders - attacked and mortally wounded Keelie and knocked Petrah unconscious, Keelie silently begged Abraxos to save Petrah, and put forth all the effort she could muster to aid Manon and Abraxos in saving the Blueblood heir. Manon was stricken by the unconditional love for Petrah that shone in Keelie's eyes as the Blueblood heir was rescued. After Petrah regained consciousness, she refused to get out of bed; it was rumored that part of Petrah had died with Keelie.


Despite the fact that Keelie attacked Abraxos at least once during his time as a bait beast, Keelie seemed to display a softer side toward the other wyvern. After catching a goat during a flight, she asked Petrah to offer it to Manon, as she wanted to share her catch with Abraxos. When Keelie was falling after being severely injured by Fendir, she and Abraxos communicated briefly

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